‘Curse of the Banshee’ Screens in Galway

Banshee Poster

Galway’s Menlo Park Hotel will host the first screening of the joint Irish & UK production of Curse of the Banshee before it heads to the US. The film can be seen on Halloween Night (31st October) from 8:30pm with special guests that include stars from RTE’s Love/Hate and former world boxing champion Steve “Celtic Warrior” Collins.

Curse of the Banshee starts out in 1963 when a group of Irish witch hunters try track down the local banshee after it was brought back thru the Ouija board that was used by one the five families can resurrect her. As the fail in the battle a young Danny (Diarmuid Walsh) is left with hiding the cursed board so that nobody finds it again. 50 years later, Danny now an elderly man, returns to the grounds where it all happened only to find that his daughter Sarah (Frankie Moran) found the Quija board. A frightened Danny doesn’t take any chances and calls a well known demon hunter in Christian Xavier (Ken O’ Sullivan) who accepts the job alongside his trusty side Skyler (Love/Hate’s Tom Ward). As Christian and Skyler arrive at the house to investigate nothing is what it seems.

The film is written and directed by Stephen Patrick Kenny (Somebody’s There, Clowns, The Street) and also stars Bernie Kavanagh, Mark Hutchinson, Gerard Fallon, Emma Gunning and Kathy O’ Sullivan.

Tickets are only 5E and can be purchased at the Reception of the Menlo Park Hotel.


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