‘The Red Bear’ Selected for IFFCA Los Angeles

Actor Brendan McCormack on set of The Red Bear

Actor Brendan McCormack on set of The Red Bear

The Red Bear has been selected to take part of the 2nd Annual International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles which will take place from October 24th to October 27th.

The film follows a fictitious conflict photographer during the Bosnian war of the early 90’s. His desires to capture iconic moments on film take him dangerously close to the action at times, and in this one moment, he enters a perilous situation that leads him to learn the true cost of the war.

The Red Bear was written and directed by Ricardo Deakin as a graduation film at Dublin Institute of Technology’s School of Media in 2012. The film was produced by Conor O’Farrell and Maximilian Ramsbottom. Additional crew include director of photography Orla McNelis, art directors Amy O’Connell and Sarah McDermott, assistant director Kim Manning, editor Siubhan Smith, and Philippa Carson and Joseph Orr, who were in charge of sound. The film features Brendan McCormack (Game of Thrones), Nick Lee (The Fall) and Darragh Kelly (Intermission).

For information on The Red Bear visit: http://theredbearfilm.tumblr.com/



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