‘Barzakh’ Selected for Cork Film Festival

Cork-based production company StormLight has managed to bring the wilds of Afghanistan (and the Eifel Tower) to Co.Cork for their latest short film Barzakh, which has been selected for the 58th Cork Film Festival. Based on true events, Barzakh follows Rabah’s (Moncef Mansur) escape from the horrors of war-torn Afghanistan through the rebuilding of his life under the Irish Asylum system.
“I knew that if I was going to tell Rabah’s story in a convincing way, we needed to root him in his home and show his original life and family. So we set about tracking down the right kind of quarry with locations manager Brian Oglanby, and then added some amazing VFX and Grading work from Jim Duggan and the guys at Screen Scene.” explained Barzakh’s director Donogh MacCarthy-Morrogh. 

The project was part of KASI’s (Killarney Asylum Seeker Iniative) awareness raising initiative and was part funded by the European Union .Produced by Odette Norman of StormLight, Barzakh premiered at the Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival in May, where it picked up two nominations for “Best in Cork” and “Best Original Score”. Barzakh went on to win joint “Best in Cork” at the Dare Media Underground Film Festival.


The Cork Film Festival runs 9-17 November


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