Shooting a Feature Film on a Shoestring – Part III



Gerard Walsh continues his production blog as he sets out to shoot a feature film with €400, 6 days, a few friends and a cast of loyal actors.

What do you do when your 8 hours away from your first day of shooting and find yourself in a difficult situation?

What I did was think for a second. On Sunday night I received some messages from the cast with some issues relating to my call sheets.

As I do not have an AD for this project I was doing alot of the menial tasks myself and I seemed to have overlooked a few things. Apparently getting 25 pages shot in one day isn’t possible!

Out of my own ignorance and stupidity I was only thinking about the shots and not the scenes. I forgot that actors need time and prep to get themselves in the state of mind their characters are supposed to be in.

I managed to deal with these issues by trying to accommodate the requests of the cast, which lead me to making some schedule changes.

As the film is designed in such a way that I can easily reschedule scenes for different days or pick a day for pick ups, I had no issues moving things around.

Our first day was really productive. We started at Sandymount then finished in The Docklands. There were no major problems for the whole day but everyone was really wrecked after such a long day. We started at 6am and finished at 7:30pm

Apart from loosing our Sound Op and leaving me and my cameramen to take over while I try to get a new Op, all is well on the A Day Like Today front.

I am very pleased with what we got in the past few days and I’m really exited to start editing!

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  1. ‘Apparently getting 25 pages shot in one day isn’t possible’

    It is when locations are kept to a minimum. There must be an article already about this on the Film Ireland website?

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