Short Film of the Week: Watch ‘3 Minute 4 Play’ by Johnny O’Reilly



3 Minute 4 Play (2005) is a surreal tale of desire and jealousy set in an empty white space. A lonely, frustrated young man conjures up a beautiful girl who is unwilling to satisfy his desires. The film dramatizes in an absurd way a simple conflict between the sexes. 3 Minute 4 Play stars Risteard Cooper and Ruth Negga.

Director Johnny O’Reilly spoke to Film Ireland about creating the film: ‘I guess the process of conceiving this short, mirrors the commission guidelines in a way; “Write a short film that needs to be 3 mins long” For whatever reason, as I pondered what to write about, my mind turned in on itself and started thinking about a guy who was trying to think of an idea. It’s kind of a lazy way of conceiving ideas. But I worked on it and following some of the “accepted” rules of dramaturgy, came up with the idea of a character in a film who needs to follow the rules of dramaturgy AND somehow entertain the audience.’


DIRECTOR: Johnny O’Reilly
PRODUCER: Rachel Lysaght


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