‘The Late Men’ Wins at Melbourne


Irish film The Late Men won two awards at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival 2013.

Directed by Van Poynton, the film claimed the Award for Innovation in the New Cinema, plus Don Baker won Best Supporting Male Actor for his role in the film.

According to festival director Richard Wolstencroft: “The Late Men by Van Poynton and Matthew J Keats, is a fine example of a growing selection of daring and exciting underground cinema emerging from Ireland – being led recently by films like Charlie Casanova by Terry McMahon and Tin Can Man by Ivan Kavanagh – both showcased at the 14th Melbourne Underground Film Festival.

“There is something clearly wonderful going on in Ireland – as there is in Australia underground cinema – and we are happy to stand side by side with our Irish comrades and declare a kind of daring cinematic rebellion taking place in our lands. The Late Men, from it’s mesmeric opening credits to its haunting dark finale, is an apocalyptic fever dream far more impressive than most big-budget Hollywood movies that are rather tired, formulaic and dull. The New Cinema is happening at the margins.

“Stellar performances from Don Baker and Anthony Murphy anchor the film steadily with a young cast of newcomers bringing us a terrifying vision of Ireland as a near future ‘cradle of civilization’. This ‘cradle’ involves: rape, bashings, murder, shoddy drug deals, missing women, intrigue, betrayal and torture. All these things abound in a most daring film. The film has echoes of both Beckett and Pinter in its sense of the absurd and menace, respectively. We were so impressed at MUFF with The Late Men that we invented a new award just for this film, “Award for Innovation in the New Cinema,” that we will keep on as a regular category. The film’s director Vän Pöyntön has big things ahead if he receives the support, recognition and attention he deserves.

Click here for an interview with Vän Pöyntön the film’s director.


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