European Award Recognition for Irish Shorts: ‘Prodigal Son’ & ‘The Blow-Ins’

CJ Scuffins (Writer-Director, Prodigal Son) & Avril Brady (Actress, Welcome to the Majority) – PIC: Kenny Martin

Prodigal Son, the multiple award winning horror short from Dublin filmmaker CJ Scuffins, last week won Best Short Film at the 5th YFIFF International Film Festival in Belfast, UK. CJ said, ‘We really feel honoured to win here. The festival has a reputation for being welcoming and inclusive with fantastic international films. We found that to be true. I’d warmly recommend it to other filmmakers.’

Scuffins’ newest film, The Blow-Ins, was nominated for Best Short Film at the  Van d’Or Awards for Independent Film 2013. The awards are the brainchild of the iconic Cannes In a Van film tour, who screen independent movies, including BAFTA winners and Oscar nominees, at international festivals such as Cannes and Venice. The Ford-sponsored event will be held in London’s creative hub, Brick Lane, on 19th Sept. Film critic Barry Norman hosted the 2012 event.

The family adventure comedy was also selected for the Cannes in a Van: Film in Transit Tour 2014, giving the film promotion and coverage via organised screenings, festivals and other film events events.

The Blow-Ins‘ surf rock soundtrack was nominated for Best Original Film Score award at the prestigious ISFMF film music festival in Zagreb. The film score was written and performed by John B Murphy and Richard Jolly (with additional writing/vocals from actress Jill Sartini). Artistic Director Ozren K  Glaser said: ‘The Blow-Ins has great music. I’m happy it got on our list.’

The European film music festival, which honours Clint Eastwood and Ryuichi Sakamoto with lifetime achievement awards, will take place Oct 23-26 2013 in Zagreb, Croatia.

Finally, Scuffins was celebrating the release of his microshort animation ‘Referee‘ with Zubox TV, the animation house founded by former executives from Disney, BBC and ITV, and CoFilmic, the Manchester-based comedy development company. CoFilmic Founder Janet Harrison said: ‘CJ’s short made me laugh even though I’m not a footie fan which shows it has broad appeal.’

Prodigal Son and The Blow-Ins are being distributed on the festival circuit by Story Factory, Ireland.


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