Shooting a Feature Film on a Shoestring

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Follow Gerard Walsh as he sets out to shoot a feature film with €400, 6 days, a few friends and a cast of loyal actors.

This week is the start of my very first feature production, A Day Like Today, and I’m not sure the nerves have set in yet. I hope that’s a good sign.

My name is Gerard Walsh, I’m an independent filmmaker with a small list of short films to my name. I studied in BCFE for a few years but really started to learn what filmmaking was about when I finished. Since then I’ve been working non-stop on music videos, weddings and all sorts which I think have really helped me hone in my skills as a story teller.

I would never presume to be an expert at what I do but I love to learn and have always had some sort of an optimistic naivety when starting new projects so hopefully it will pay off for this project.


A Day Like Today is a film about a chance meeting between a homeless man and a woman in an unhappy marriage. We will follow their story as it unfolds as we delve deeper into their pasts. Will they still feel comfortable with each other after they know so much?


It’s quite an ambitious project to undertake but I look forward to the challenge. The way I see it, I will have my first feature film done – so why not just go for it and see what happens!


I will start production officially on the 16th of September with a table-read with all of the cast. On the 22nd we will begin, I have confidence in my cast and crew so I can’t see many problems occurring but you will find out just how we’re doing each week if you keep up to date with these blogs.


I’ll be updating this every week until the film is finished so if you find this in anyway interesting or helpful please check back here every Tuesday.

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