Mayo God Help Us’ screens on Sunday on TG4


Seanchas productions and Eireville productions have just completed production on their documentary about Mayo football, Mayo, God Help Us, which tells the story of the alleged curse on the Mayo football team and follows the progress of the current team who now face Dublin in the All Ireland Final on the 22nd of September.

Mayo, God Help Us is directed by James Finlan of Eireville productions who co-produced with Johnny White of Seanchas productions. In the documentary, they speak to players from the Team of ’51, the younger generations, fans, priests and pundits. The film provides a snapshot of Mayo football throughout the ages, covering 13 All Ireland finals and all of this year’s championship matches and screens on TG4 at 8pm on Sunday 15th September.

The legendary curse dated from 1951, the last time Mayo raised the Sam Maguire. The story goes that while passing through Foxford on their victorious drive home the team neglected to pay proper respect to a funeral. Enraged, a local priest allegedly cursed the team and the county that while any member of the team of ’51 lived, Mayo would never win an All Ireland final.

Sixty two years on and Mayo have yet to win again and only a handful of the team of ’51 remain. Will they finally break the curse when they meet Dublin on the 22nd of September?

To be aired on Sunday, 15th September at 8pm on TG4.

Director: James Finlan

Producers: Johnny White/James Finlan

TG4 promo for ‘Mayo, God Help Us’:


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