Short Film of the Week: Watch ‘Blind Man’s Eye’ by Matthew Talbot-Kelly

Blind Man’s Eye (2007) presents a deceptively simple story of a blind old man sitting by a river, on a favorite bench, under his favorite tree. The sun is shining. Evocative sounds play around him. He drifts into a revery…. and the journey begins.

Director Matthew Talbot-Kelly told Film Ireland that “Blind Man’s Eye was inspired by a piece of kitchen recorded 8-track music by the radical Canadian fiddler/composer, Oliver Schroer. The music from Oliver’s On The Dream Road collection, cracked me open in a way music rarely does – and allowed me to envision a complete film space. After listening to this music, the imagery, the tone, the rhythm of Blind Man’s Eye arrived on my doorstep like a gift.

“The eponymous Blind Man is a seeker, distilling the truths and lessons of his life. Despite the often contradictory vicissitudes of life’s experiences and their corresponding rememberings, there are constants, especially on a personal level. Blind Man’s Eye is a loop of time – a collapse of a few minutes, an afternoon, a year, a lifetime. The film’s last shot is a near exact replica of an earlier shot of him arriving at his bench. I like to think he is willfully and urgently seeking his seat to restart his psychic exploration once again.”

DIRECTOR: Matthew Talbot-Kelly
SCRIPT: Neil Leyden
PRODUCER: Michael Algar
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Glimpse Digital with the support of the Irish Film Board.


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