Filming wraps on ‘Curse of the Banshee’


Filming wrapped on SPK’s latest production Curse of the Banshee, which tells the story of the well known Banshee (Bernie Kavanagh) who returns to her grounds after 50 years only to be hunted down by ghost hunter Christian Xavier (Kenneth O’ Sullivan, Somebody’s There) and Tom and (Skyler, Love/Hate). The 15-minute short, the last in which the director will do, was shot in Galway City and Athenry over two days and is expected to be released on Halloween night with its premiere before it hits the film festival circuit. The supernatural thriller’s director said of the shoot;

“It was a tough but very enjoyable shoot with a cast who gave it absolutely everything and as a guy who gave up making shorts a few months ago but decided to give it one last shot I am glad this project came around and I think, actually I know, I will go out with smiling faces on this one. It was a great experience and fair play to everyone involved.”

Curse of the Banshee also stars Mark Hutchinson (Drowning Rats), Gerard Fallon (The Underground), Rickie O’ Kelly (Drummer of “The Saw Doctors”), Emma Gunning, Martin Nolan, Frankie Moran, Mary Gibsey Kathy O’ Sullivan and with a crew that consisted of Alan Cantrell (Sound), Tina Murray (Make up), and Marius Puodziunas (Camera).

Curse of the Banshee was a joint Hood Up Films and Climbing The Ladder Productions and will be released in October 2013.


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