‘Territorial Behaviour’ completed and entering post-production

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 Territorial Behaviour - Ronan Murphy

 Ronan Murphy as survival specialist Bailey Rhodes in Territorial Behaviour

Territorial Behaviour, the new film from Totality Pictures, has completed principal photography. Though the film is set in the US, it was shot in Ireland – with Counties Laois and Dublin standing in for Montana. Unlikely as it sounds, writer-producer-director Peter Bergin feels he has pulled off the illusion. “There is no question in my mind we did it,” he says. “By choosing the locations wisely, we achieved our goal, which was to convince that the Irish countryside could be transformed into Montana. We were also blessed with the weather as well, which assisted with the illusion. At first, I thought we had missed our window of opportunity when the heat wave passed, but thankfully, it wasn’t the case. And when you’ve got an actor as good as Ronan Murphy in the lead, it most definitely helps put the final touches to the transformation. I always said that the choice of actor would be the one element that would either make or break the illusion.”

Now that it’s finished shooting, Territorial Behaviour will soon be entering a period of intense post-production. “Shooting it is only part of the story,” Bergin says. “There’s a lot of complex stuff still to be done. Usually, you have a good notion of what a movie will be, but with this, it’s not so black and white. I believe it’s a movie that will truly come to life and take shape in post.”


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