‘Wounded Sandals’ to begin production



Wounded Sandals is a short film written by Paco Torres and Shane Pérez and directed by Paco Torres. The film is set in the Middle East 2013 and focuses on two people connected by the horror and pain of losing a son and killing a human being.

According to Paco the film  “explores the thin line between life and death.  The wave of Arab revolutions in the Middle East is bringing a freedom to all these countries, but at a huge cost of lives and horror. In some way, this story is a narration of horror from an extraordinary perspective: what happens when you face the death of a loved one? What happens when you find the dead body of your son? What happens when you find yourself as a killer and a person with no feelings?”

Shooting is scheduled to take place 28 – 30 August in Dubai, with post-production in Dublin in Windmill Lane from 7th September.

Wounded Sandals is being produced by Moe Najati from Awesome Group in Dubai and Paul Myler (In America) from Epos Films in Ireland.







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