‘The Anti-Love Pill’ trailer released online


The trailer for new Irish short The Anti-Love Pill has been released online.

The film was written, directed and produced by Karl Argue, who also stars alongside Vanessa Matias Fahy (The Shadows), Tara Power (Republic of Telly) and Brian Mc Guinness (King Arthur).

The Anti-Love Pill follows a love-sick man, who searches for the cure for love.

The supporting cast includes Gail Brady (Blood), Steve Gunn (Titanic:Blood & Steel), Patrick Murphy (Love/Hate), Jose Montero (Bitterness), Oliver McQuillan (Blood), Daniela Vanasco (Bitter Sweet), Rachel Moore (The Rescue) and Shane Ward (Split Treads).

The Anti-Love Pill was shot on location around Dublin between Winter 2011 – Spring 2012 and is produced by Adopt a Hermit.



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