Bio: Chris Lavery



Film preferences can tell you a lot about a person. Chris Lavery thinks Die Hard is the ultimate Christmas movie, True Romance is the greatest love story ever told and The Big Lebowski is the funniest movie ever made.


Anyone who tries to dissuade Chris from believing any of these “facts” will be met with a juvenile “talk to the hand, cuz the face ain’t listenin'” riposte.


Apart from that, Chris is a mild-mannered movie fan who is constantly astounded by how light shining through 35mm film moving at 24 frames per second can create such breathless wonderment and inspire us to dream big.


Unfortunately, Chris’s dream of being asked to go to the Enchantment Under The Sea dance of 1955 will never be realised.


Chris is currently studying a BA in Journalism at Dublin Business School.



Twitter: @ChrisLavery6

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