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Curved Films screen their short films tonight  at the Light House cinema. Film Ireland found out more about this new exciting group of filmmakers.

Curved Films is a collective of filmmakers who have pooled their skills to form a rotating film crew, thus enabling each member of the team to make their own film with the others’ help.

All the members of Curved Films met on the 3-month Digital Filmmaking Course run by Filmbase at the beginning of 2012. Run over 12 weekends, this hands-on course takes the student through the filmmaking process from script to screen, culminating in two groups shooting two short films. Over the 3 months the students gelled together well and when the course finished there was an appetite to continue to apply and improve the skills they had learnt.

11 students from the class went on to form Curved Films. One of them, Carl Murphy, talked about the benefits of the course. “It gave us a broad understanding of the filmmaking process from intial ideas, writing and refining a script, pre-production, shooting and post-production. The course is really practical and gave us the skills and above all the confidence to go out on our own and make more shorts. The onset experience of shooting 2 shorts in three days was invaluable and seeing the final product at the culmination of the course was great and really energised us not to stop at that. Pretty much all the tutors are working professionals which makes such a huge difference. Filmbase, and in particular Tristan Hutchinson, have also been really supportive with what we’re doing ever since.”

Carl points out that what happens with a lot of these types of courses is that “at the end, a lot of energy is generated but people don’t know where to go with it. One of the guys on the course, Sam Uhlemann, really made an effort to galvanise everyone to stick together, form a collective and continue to build on what we’d learnt by making more short films.”

Part of the course involves short Scriptwriting and development. As a result, a couple of people wanted to pursue getting the scripts they had written made into films and others had other short film projects they were already developing. So, as Carl explains, “it seemed completely natural to pool our resources and form a collective that acted as a rotating crew, thus enabling each member to make their own film with the other’s help.”

And so Curved Films was born bringing together several new filmmakers to combine their skills and talents to create movies and films. “We’re definitely an eclectic bunch, ” Carl says, “with a great mixture of backgrounds and talents.  Although quite a few of us would like to pursue filmmaking as a full-time career, for most it is currently still a part-time pursuit and we have to hold down full-time jobs in other areas to pay the bills. We are all still very committed, despite our jobs and other demands on our time, we’ve managed to make another 4 shorts since the course.”

The group range in ages from 20 – 50ish and have a wide range of interests, including producing, writing, directing, cinematography and production design. “People are always willing to take on whatever needs to be done,” says Carl, “with the possible exception of the dreaded AD role! We also found that some of the skills people bring from their other lives have been useful – we’ve a couple of project managers in our midst who make excellent producers/production managers. We also have an architect who has come in very handy for building sets.

So far Curved Films have made 6 films. The first 2, Clues (written by Rosie Haghighi & directed by Kathy Kelly) and Evacuation (written by Ian Herridge & directed by Gareth Williams) were made as part of the DFC course. Since then there has been Confessions (written & directed by Tom Lynch); Believe It Or Not –(written & directed by Carl Murphy); Confidentially Yours (written & directed by Sam Uhlemann); and most recently Fatal Reservation (written & directed by Ian Herridge).

Carl is particularly proud that for the last 2 films. The team built the sets themselves from scratch in a warehouse that “we luckily have the use of. One being an office inspired by the Edward Hopper painting ‘Office At Night’ and the other a run-down spooky motel reception.”

All 6 completed films are being screened tonight on Thursday 18th of July at the Light House cinema. Carl explains the reason for the screening that “it’s just over a year since we shot our first two shorts on the course making a total of 6 films. So we thought it was a good time to catch our breath and mark our achievements after a year together.

“Another of the main reasons for having the screening is as a big Thank You to everyone who has supported us over the last year – to our family and friends who have helped us in innumerable ways; to the actors, composers and others who have made our projects possible; to the Filmbase tutors who taught us and have  been so generous with their time since.

“It’s also a way to gradually introduce ourselves to a wider network of professionals working in the industry, some of which we hope we can collaberate with in the future.

“Finally, it’s a good excuse for a night out, and who doesn’t want to see their work up there on the big screen!”

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