Cork, Like – Collaborative Filmmaking Project

 Production Sketch, The Amazing by Cethan Leahy

Production Sketch, The Amazing by Cethan Leahy


Cork, Like is a collaborative filmmaking project being produced in Cork city this Summer. The feature-length film is a collage of short films that will combine to show-case the people, culture and space of Cork and capture the feel and identity of the town.

The film will be one of the first of its kind. Unlike other ‘anthology films’, Cork, Like will combine various visual media to showcase the artistic plurality of the film-making community in Cork. Narrative film, documentary, animation and experimental genres will all be featured throughout and the creative diversity surrounding the theme will reflect that of the artistic scene in the city.

Production began at the end of April after the directors scheduled a meeting under the co-ordination of the Cork Film Centre. The film is currently in various stages of production as each director is filming to his or her own schedule within the deadline. Several have already been shot, and many are scheduled for filming within the next few weeks. The month of August will be dedicated for post-production with the release of the film scheduled for September/October.

The film will feature the talents of dozens of artists local to Cork and will be shot on location in and around the city. The original score will be written by Athos Tsiopani, composer-in-residence at the Cork Film Centre and performed by the Cork New Music Ensemble.


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