Films That Matter screenings in Galway

Still from Hold On Tight by Anna Rodgers. Image © Anna Rodgers
Films That Matter is a collaborative event between Amnesty International and the Galway One World Centre with support from the Huston School of Film & Digital Media and the Irish Centre for Human Rights. The films chosen aim to highlight a variety of human rights issues and how these affect different groups of people.

The film screenings will coincide with the Summer School in Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy (CHRA), which brings together students and professionals from all over the world to reflect on the use of film and video advocacy as an instrument for enhancing human rights awareness on critical social, political and environmental issues, and to influence change.

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Films on Offer:

Thursday 4th July

6pm… Forbidden Voices (Switzerland 2012 / Documentary 96min)

Despite constant resistance, influential cyber feminists from Cuba, China and Iran keep blogging about the abuses in their countries. With indefatigable determination, they keep people around the world informed about the abuses taking place in their countries. On the Internet, their voices are skillfully shielded. But the famous bloggers Yoani Sánchez, Zeng Jinyan and Farnaz Seifi aren’t afraid of the dictatorial regimes in their respective home countries of Cuba, China and Iran. What do you do if you want more attention for women’s rights in Iran, only to discover that Google intentionally blocks the word ‘woman’ in searches?

8pm… Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry (USA 2011 / Alison Klayman / Documentary, 90min)

A personal portrait of Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei, who gained international acclaim for his ambitious postmodern works of art and his political provocations. Never Sorry follows three tumultuous years of his life, highlighting the unique mix of art and activism with which the artist continuously argues in favour of freedom of expression, independent media and more transparency, thereby putting his life in jeopardy. Ai’s mother is proud of her son. ‘Yet I believe it would be better if he confined himself to art,’ she says.

Friday 5th July

6pm… Bon Voyage (Switzerland 2011 / Fabio Friedli / Animation 7min)

There is no single place left on the truck which should bring the emigrants to a better place. The travel through the desert to the beach and then with a little boat to Europe is everything but safe. But what will follow?

Followed By…

Special Flight / Vol Spécial (Switzerland 2011 / Fernand Melgar / Doc 100 min)

This intimate and emotionally charged portrait of asylum seekers and migrants in Switzerland’s Frambois detention centre reveals a world that few know from the inside. There are three possibilities for every resident: to leave free with asylum granted, to leave the country by choice on a regular flight, or to leave in custody on a so-called ‘special flight’ back to their country of origin.

8.15pm…  Mama Illegal (Austria 2011 / Ed Moschitz / Documentary 94min)

Three Moldavian women working illegally in Austria and Italy: each has left her children back home and each continues to delude herself and her family that she will return. Having spent years outside their homeland, the women slowly lose touch with the post-communist reality of Moldova, sometimes with tragic results.

Saturday 6th July

5pm… Hold on Tight (Ireland 2011 / Anna Rodgers / Documentary) Q&A with Director & Producer

Holding hands or kissing in public isn’t for everyone. When it comes to same sex relationships, showing your love outside of the home is sometimes a complicated personal choice. This short documentary moves between the public and private spaces in which lesbian and gay couples live, and explores small gestures of human connectedness.

6pm… East Bloc Love (Belarus 2011 / Logan Mucha / Documentary 70min)

Sergey Yenin is a young, liberated homosexual activist from Belarus. He is no stranger to violence; his sexual orientation has had the police and the radical right coming after him more than once. When his partner is shot and killed, he embarks on his open fight for justice and equality.

7.30pm… The Parade (Serbia 2011 / Srđan Dragojević / Feature 115min)

Politically incorrect and absolutely hilarious, this Serbian comedy has a homosexual veterinarian and a thuggish, homophobic war veteran uniting to protect Belgrade’s gay-pride parade. with a group of former enemy combatants – a Bosnian Muslim, a Kosovar-Albanian and a Croatian.


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