10 Days in Dublin Festival: ‘Where There’s A Well…’ Premiere

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Where There’s A Well… will premiere on the 4th of July at 9pm in The Sugar Club as part of the 10 Days in Dublin festival. The film will be introduced by journalist John Waters and will be followed by a DJ until late.


Tickets cost €6 and all profits will go to Wells For Zoe, meaning that each ticket purchased will provide 3 people in Malawi with clean, drinkable water for life and allow them an immeasurably valuable platform from which to improve their lives.
Where There’s A Well… is a documentary following the journey of a water pump from factory to village in Malawi, Africa, exploring the impact clean water has on communities and individuals as they work to improve their lives. Packed with mad characters, amazing imagery and with a soundtrack from the gospel choirs of Malawi, Where There’s A Well… is about so much more than water- it’s about hope.
You can view a trailer for the film at this link: http://youtu.be/nx7wmEahZe0You can read more about the film and see previews here: www.tedsbeardproductions.com/wheretheresawell


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