Irish Horror, ‘Somebody’s There’ wraps

Somebodys There #1


Shot in Connemara, Co. Galway, Somebody’s There tells the story of 7 friends who head to the wilderness of the west of Ireland for the one-year anniversary of the death of one of their close friends. Upon arriving at their destination, they discover a bloodied and beaten man who claims that three masked men attacked him and kidnapped his girlfriend. Several members of the group then decide to head into the woods in search of the perpetrators whilst the rest return to their cars. However, they discover that their cars have gone missing and with no other houses for miles and no alternative mode of transport, they are left stranded and must make the journey home on foot. They soon discover however, that they are not alone.


Written, produced, and directed by Stephen Patrick Kenny, the film stars Mark Hutchinson (Drowning Rats) in the lead role with support from Tom Ward (Love/Hate), Gerard Fallon (Clowns), Andrew Neenan (The Underground), Marius Puodziunas (Undead) and Eugene Horan (Ghostwood), Ollie Keogh (The Tudors), Kenneth O’Sullivan, and Camille Yourell (Jack Taylor). Crew members also include John Berry (SFX, Vikings)  and Phinit Fakpraphai (The Underground,Editor)

The low budget horror feature can be seen later in the year at film festivals and on DVD in 2014.


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