‘See You at the Pictures!’ Broadcasts on RTE 1 April 1st at 9:30pm


With support from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, RTÉ and the Irish Film Board, See You at the Pictures! promises to be an event which will excite the memories and imaginations of the Irish cinema-going public. Director Jeremiah Cullinane has travelled up and down the country interviewing the Irish public about their memories of going to the ‘Pictures.’

These memories have been assembled into a whirlwind tour of pervasive state censorship, church interference, Hollywood glamour and the pure escapism that so many of the older generation remember so vividly.

Ultimately a “people’s history” style project uncovering real lived history of 20th century Ireland as seen through the prism of the cinema.

                                                 A truly nationally-shared experience.

Check out the interactive map of Irish cinemas past and present, read cinema anecdotes, and add your own at:



2 Replies to “‘See You at the Pictures!’ Broadcasts on RTE 1 April 1st at 9:30pm”

    1. Très drôle! Clearly you sat through it, though. Unforgettable images, what? Or are you still looking for those “88 minutes of your life you’ll never get back”?
      And yes, I did interview someone else who sat through it, and she’s in the new film: Lelia Doolin. I won’t tell you what she said to me after my 1997 Fleadh screening, though.

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