Call For: Open Casting in Galway for ‘Reign’ Television Drama

Call for


Illustration: Adeline Pericart

New Television Drama “REIGN” now running an OPEN CASTING day in Galway seeking to CAST & EMPLOY 100’s of FILM EXTRAS. “Reign” is a TV Pilot based on the story of Mary Queen of Scots. We will be filming in Galway, Mayo, Dublin, Kildare & Offaly. To apply, please come along to our open casting day at the Radisson Hotel, Lough Atalia Road, Galway City, anytime between 11am & 7pm on Friday 22nd March.


The Open Casting day will be a straightforward process.  We simply ask people to come along, fill out a registration form, which we provide & we will take their photograph.  There is no fee.  This process should only take about 20mins.  People should come along completely naturally, there is no appointment necessary, just turn up to the Open Casting day within the designated hours at the Radisson Hotel.

Afterwards, we will contact the successful applicants & ask if they are free to work with us on certain dates & if this is a yes, people will then be invited to come along for costume, hair & makeup fittings.  In terms of the type of people we are after, the open casting day will be open to Male & Female – young, old, small, large, bearded, clean cut, bald, short & long haired, Irish, French, Hispanic, Italian to name but a few.  Experience in drama is not necessary, please come along if you think you have a specific look, skill, or if you are simply interested in the film making process & would like to be involved as an extra.  We only ask that anyone U-16 come along with a parent or chaperone.  Work is paid & transport from certain points may be provided to location.  Please note, people MUST come along to the OPEN CASTING day to apply.

For further info, please call 012769378 OR email us at reign


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