Cinema Review: False Trail

DIR: Kjell Sundvall • WRI  Björn Carlström, Stefan Thunberg  PRO: Björn Carlström, Per Janérus, Peter Possne • DES Bengt Fröderberg • DOP Jallo Faber • CAST: Rolf Lassgård, Peter Stormare, Annika Nordin.


False Trail – a Swedish thriller. Because of the current lack of actually thrilling thrillers, this classification didn’t mean much to me. But Kjell Sundvall’s movie really does as it says on the tin.


In this Swedish sequel, we follow Erik Bäckström, an aging policeman called down to his old home town where a young woman has gone missing. Here we watch a murder case unfold, and are not only confronted with Erik’s painful past, but are lead into a deeper, more sinister mystery than we initially imagined.


What first hits you about this movie is the dark, dense setting. Set in the picturesque woods of Norrland, Sweden, you’re struck by wintry lakes and friendly faces. In the beginning, the characters seem like boring, basically normal people. But when we delve into the mystery, and the first inklings of doubt and suspicion creep in, things begin to escalate, and our opinions change at every twist.


This movie really kept me alive and thinking. Its plot twists were calculated and realistic, and the acting was superb. Peter Stromare’s character was fantastically played; everything we once thought we knew about him is warped and distorted until we see the character that he is. Through tongue-in-cheek gore and unprecedented acts of violence, this story will make you jump in your seat and question every motive.


Without giving too much away, notice Sundvall’s directing; cutting into the truth, and letting the chaos run wild, until the characters realise the daunting reality just a step too late. Excellently done. In total, a well thought-through movie that did indeed thrill.

Holly Keating

Transition Year Work Experience

Rated 16 (see IFCO website for details)

130 mins

False Trail  is released on 28th December 2012


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