BAI Announces Closing Dates For The Broadcasting Funding Scheme In 2013

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (“BAI”) has announced the closing dates for applications to Sound & Vision II – The Broadcasting Funding Scheme in 2013.

The core objective of the Broadcasting Funding Schemeis to increase public access at national, local and community level to high-quality television and sound broadcasting programmes in English and Irish which explore the themes of Irish culture, heritage and experience, in contemporary or historic contexts. The Scheme provides funding to broadcasters and independent producers to enable them to produce such programmes.

Three open rounds will operate during 2013, each with funding of up to €3.5m available towards the production of television and/or radio programmes. In 2013, the Scheme will be moving to an online application system.  For the January round, applicants will have the option to submit by email or online.  The June and September rounds will be by online submissions only.

The 2013 closing dates for the rounds, which will accept radio and television applications, are as follows:

  • 31st January – email or online applications; decisions at the end of April;
  • 6th June – online applications; decisions at the beginning of September;
  • 19th September – online applications; decisions in December.

Further information on the Scheme is available on


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