Angela Awards recognizes the best in European film at star-filled awards ceremony in the medieval city of Kilkenny, Ireland.

Part of:
SUBTITLE European Film Festival 2012
Kilkenny, Ireland

SUBTITLE is Ireland’s newest film festival and brought some of the most popular European films, and their makers to Kilkenny for the past week.

Some of the biggest names in film from across Europe came to enjoy the festival in the beautiful medieval city and celebrate with Irish stars at the Angela Awards.

Last night, Kilkenny was alight with stars of European cinema, as they gathered with a selection of Irish stars to celebrate the very best of European film at the Angela Awards.

The Angela awards marked the end of the first ever SUBTITLE European Film Festival which celebrated the work of some of the hottest film talent from across Europe. Pauline McGlynn hosted the ceremony, with Irish celebrities including Amy Huberman, Jim Sheridan, Robbie Sheehan, Padraic Delaney, Tom Hickey, Karl Shields and Charlie Murphy presenting the awards to the following international artists:

From FINLAND : Directors Dome Karukoski and Aku Louhimies were celebrated for their remarkable directing talents and contribution to European cinema. Leading man Jasper Päkkönnen was also awarded for his outstanding performances over the last ten years, including in three films presented at the festival, LAPLAND ODYSSEY, NAKED HARBOUR and FROZEN LAND. Also in Kilkenny for the festival and enjoying screenings and events were talented Finnish actress Laura Birn and designer Ville Seppanen. Other guests attending, and Angela Awards recipients, include Sweden’s Mikael Persbrandt and Lena Endre.

From the NETHERLANDS – Leading man Robert de Hoog was awarded for his outstanding performances since his breakthrough in SKIN. Director Antoinette Beumer was awarded for her remarkable directing talents and contribution to European cinema and Sacha Polak also received an Angela Award in recognition of her extraordinary debut feature HEMEL.
Also in Kilkenny enjoying the festival were Jelka van Houten, Maaik Krijgsman and Jeroen Spitzenberger.

One of POLAND’s leading talents Jakub Gierszal was awarded for his astonishing breakthrough performance in Jan Komasa’s SUICIDE ROOM, which was also screening at the festival, alongside Agnieszka Holland’s stunning IN DARKNESS.

Some of SCANDINAVIA’s leading talents were also celebrated. World-renowned director Jim Sheridan presented awards to Sweden’s Lena Endre and Mikael Persbrandt, in recognition of their extraordinary contributions to European cinema. Sheridan spoke at length of their work and outstanding talents. Casting Director Jeanette Klintberg also received an award for her important work on numerous Scandinavian and international productions. Also enjoying the festival were actors Lisa Werlinder and Simon J. Berger.

NORWAY’s Magnus Martens received an Angela for his razor-sharp screenplay and skilled direction of latest feature JACKPOT. While production designer Nina Bjerch Andresen was celebrated for her outstanding work on HEADHUNTERS. Other Norwegian talents attending the festival included actors Henrik Mestad and Hermann Sabado.

DANISH director Simon Staho was celebrated for his exceptional filmmaking talents and ongoing contribution to European cinema. He also enjoyed a reunion with long-time collaborators Lena Endre and Mikael Persbrandt. Composer Frans Bak was also honoured for his exceptional talents. As was actor Nicolaj Coster-Waldau for his significant contribution to European cinema. Also attending the festival were actors Morten Sasse-Suurballe and Laura Bach.

One of ROMANIA’s leading talents received an inaugural Angela Award in the medieval city of Kilkenny last night. Vlad Ivanov was honoured for his exceptional contribution to European cinema. Also awarded was George Pistereanu for his astonishing performance in IF I WANT TO WHISTLE I WHISTLE.

Festival directors Richard Cook and Holly Carey said:

“SUBTITLE’s first year brought a strong programme and a stellar line up of European filmmaking and acting talent to Kilkenny, for a week of screenings and special events, including an informal talent market with some of the top UK and Irish casting directors. Audiences have been enthusiastic about our unique new festival, the only one of its kind in Ireland, and this is reflected in sold out-screenings and great delight at the range and depth of the films on offer.

We hosted many of Europe’s leading talents over the weekend, celebrating their outstanding achievements at the inaugural Angela Awards, which turned out to be quite the event! Their work has inspired us and we believe that many of them, if even in some small way, found inspiration here in Kilkenny over a remarkable first festival. Many of our guests have already said to count them in for next year’s edition; and with the breadth and quality of filmmaking in Europe as it is now, there will be no shortage of talent and great movies for SUBTITLE 2013.”


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