The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Announce Three Open Rounds of Sound & Vision II

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) at its meeting yesterday (12th November 2012) considered proposals regarding the operation of the Broadcasting Funding Scheme in 2013.

It was decided that three open rounds of Sound & Vision II will be operated during 2013, each with a maximum funding amount of €3.5 million available towards the production of television and radio programmes. The specific closing dates for applications are being finalised and will be announced shortly.

The BAI also expects to operate one round of the new Broadcast Archiving Scheme during 2013. This new Scheme will provide funding for the archiving of broadcast material. The first round of this scheme will have a maximum of €2.8 million available. Further information on the Archiving Scheme and details of the application process will be announced before the end of 2012.

Speaking about the announcement, Michael O’Keeffe, Chief Executive of the BAI said: “The proposed round structure for 2013 has been developed at this time to provide clarity to broadcasters and the independent production sector on the operation of the Scheme next year.  The structure has also been designed with a view to facilitating the introduction of the new Archiving Scheme. We look forward to engaging with the industry on this new scheme in the coming months.”



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