Dublin-based animator picks up top animation award at the recent Kerry Film Festival



Damien O’Connor, who works for twice Oscar®-nominated Brown Bag Film Studios, won the award for his short film After You. The film, funded by the Irish Film Board, RTE, the Arts Council and produced by Steve Woods, is a poignant look at 60 years in the life of a Dublin doorman.


Director O’Connor said of his work: ‘I really wanted to make a film that would touch audiences, to tell a universal story about living for the moment and not worrying about what the future may hold. ‘After working on it for two years with a great crew, it’s great that all our hard work has been recognised at such a large festival.’ Damien now plans to develop the short into a feature film.


‘The idea is to have an anthology of stories, a series of unique, beautiful stories from each of the capital cities of Europe,’ he explained. ‘It would be a film that appeals to all ages but above all else, it would be an uplifting celebration of what it means to be part of such a diverse union.’ He added: ‘Ideally, it would be a film that would take us all away from the talk of doom and gloom and focus on the good.’


After a festival run which included screenings in Amsterdam and Martha’s Vineyard, After You is next scheduled to screen at the prestigious Cork Film Festival on Sunday, 18th November.


The award came in a week of success for the Irish animation industry, which has been dubbed The Celtic Tigger. Dublin-based Jam Media announced 60 new jobs with a BBC re-commission for it’s Roy series, a sale to Aardman for Colm Tobin, the writer/producer of puppet based Science Fiction series and an Emmy Nomination for Brown Bag Studios. 

 Trailer – http://vimeo.com/39940139


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