Call For: Extras Needed for Independent Irish Film ‘Jesus:the Remake’ in Galway

Extras Needed for Independent Irish Film Jesus:the Remake shooting Climatic Scene in the Quays, Galway, Monday, 29th October

Ireland is becoming a hot-bed of independent feature film production with the costs involved no longer being as prohibitive a barrier to entry as they once were. One such feature film currently in production is JESUS: THE REMAKE, a modern day re-imagining of the story of Jesus.

The film, which is produced by Cork based production company, Epic Productions, is shooting a climatic scene in The Quays Bar in Galway, on Monday, 29th October  and has issued a call for extras.

Given the recent furore over the portrayal of Muhammad on film, one would imagine that filmmakers would steer clear of such controversial topics.

“Well, we’re lucky that Christians have a much better sense of humor about this kind of thing and there’s a substantial body of work out there looking at Jesus’ story already; from stage musicals like Jesus Christ, Superstar to movies like The Life of Brian,” says film director, Chris Cullen. ‘Besides, our film is very respectful to the story of Jesus, our intention is not to cause offense, but to encourage people to question; suppose Jesus was born in contemporary Ireland? And suppose he was a musician? Then this is his story!”

‘Kind of like Rise of the Planet of the Apes,’ laughs writer, Dave Horgan, ‘It isn’t a sequel, it’s a re-imagining!’

The tongue in cheek answer says a lot about their attitude to the film. The pair come across as very dedicated film makers who refuse to take them selves too seriously, despite the daunting task of shooting a full length feature film on a budget of less than €2,000.

‘I’m one of the two directors of Epic Productions and my business partner Justin and I are lucky in that we had an awful lot of the equipment ourselves,’ says Chris, ‘And we didn’t want a lack of funding to stop us making a movie. We found Dave’s script, which we loved, and decided to just run with it.’

The majority of the film is already in the can but the film makers have decided to shoot one of the climatic scenes in The Quays Bar on Quay Street in Galway. The scene shows Jesus preaching a sermon through music to a fervent group of fans.

So the obvious question is why would a film written and primarily directed in Cork come to Galway for such a crucial scene?

‘Because of The Quays!’ they both answer in unison. ‘A friend of mine who is a musician plays all over the country, I’ve seen him play tons of times, but I never saw a venue like The Quays. When I walked into the place, my jaw dropped open! It’s the coolest venue for a gig I had ever seen. I couldn’t wait to get back to Cork and tell Chris all about it,’ says Dave.

Chris takes up the story, “To be honest, I was only half listening until the got to the part describing the interior, when he said it was an old church my eyes literally lit up!”

‘We were looking at a number of places in Cork,’ continues Chris, ‘but The Quays seemed too good to be true. We got in touch with Seamus McGettigan, who manages The Quays and he was fantastically helpful. We told him about the project and he was delighted to help out. And he agreed to let us have the place for free which is fantastic for us because the budget is so tiny, everybody is giving of their time for free, from the actors, to the crew, to the make up. I even roped in my brother who is a set designer in theatre to build the cross!’

Of course being from Cork they won’t have it all their own way when it comes to shooting in Galway. “We’re a little outside our comfort zone,” admits Chris. ‘We’ve had fantastic support from people in Cork and we’re hoping that the people in Galway will be equally supportive. We need upwards of 80 extras to make the gig scene really come alive so we’d love if anyone interested would get in touch.’

‘Unfortunately we don’t have money to pay the extras but we’ll take names and email address of anyone that turns up and give them tickets for the Galway premiere,” adds Dave. “And we can’t promise but we’re pretty sure that anyone who turns up will get into heaven!’

The climactic scene will be shot entirely on location at The Quays Bar on Quay St. in Galway. No acting or film experience is necessary. The shoot will take place from 4 pm on Monday, October 29th. Duration of shoot 5 – 6 hours.

Interested parties should log onto the film’s website or call Chris directly on 087 994 8400.

About Jesus: The Remake

Jesus: The Remake is an independent micro-budget feature film telling the story of Jesus Christ, but in a modern day setting.

Jesus is a musician who uses his songs to get his message out to the world. he, along with his girlfriend Maggie, form a band with some of the apostles and begin to tour locally in Ireland. His songs are his sermons, the gospels are blogs. Coverage on social networks, including Facebook and YouTube, gain the band a cult following.

The attention is not, however, universally positive with two dogmatic priests threatened by his claims of divinity. As Jesus’ popularity grows, so too does the threat from the renegade priests, who are prepared to stop him at all costs.

Jesus: The Remake is the greatest story ever retold.

For more information on Jesus: The Remake please log onto


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