Bio: Michael Stephen Lee

Michael Stephen Lee is a tall, dashing, handsome, would be Casanova of would be film critics. In his youth, Michael was a sprightly troubled rebel, a misfit who plagued the mean streets of Terenure with a hail of gobstoppers and golf balls. His wild antics became a growing concern for his parents. Nothing they did seemed to have any success.

Out of desperation they moved to the countryside. This, however, only escalated matters. On something of a whim, it was suggested by a well trusted relative that boarding school would wean him of his wildness. Hence he was schooled in some overpriced prep school where there was a strict regime of porridge, literature and cricket.

It was in his formative years here that he expressed interest in acting but, for all his effort, wasn’t especially good. However, he retained a blossoming passion for narrative. On those rare trips home and long summer holidays in the country, he found himself becoming more and more consumed with cinema. After a prolonged sabbatical in the hills of Catalonia he decided to resume his education.

He is currently in his final year at the National Film School in I.A.D.T in Dun Laoghaire.


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