The Late Late Toy Show looking for talented boys and girls


This year The Late Late Toy Show will take place on Friday, 30th November.

The Late Late Toy Show is looking for talented boys and girls from all over the country to help demonstrate toys and entertain on the night.

So, if your child is part of a performing group, in a band or choir, a comedian, dancer or magician and would like to apply for an audition for this year’s Toy Show please see the following application guidelines:

Send RTÉ a DVD, video tape, CD or cassette of your child performing or demonstrating a toy to this address:

The Late Late Toy Show, PO Box 170, RTÉ, Dublin 4

Mark clearly on the front of the DVD/tape whether you would like to audition for toy demonstration or performance.

The closing date for applications is Monday, 8th October, 2012. Auditions will be held roughly three weeks after the closing date.

Due to volume of applications we receive RTÉ will only contact those who have been successful in securing an audition.

Please do not send  anything you want back as RTÉ can’t return it.


46 Replies to “The Late Late Toy Show looking for talented boys and girls”

    1. Hi I am joe Kelly I am 10 and so is my friend Eoghan and we have a band. is it possible for us to play 1 or 2 of the songs that we wrote

    1. depends on how long ago it was if it was in the last year its fine but if its years ago you will need to take another video

  1. Hi my name is isabel I’m 11 and I’m from co.cork innishannon slevean I’m on youtube called isabel Healy co.cork I hope ye have time to watch it I would love to be on the late late toy show singing its a kind of unique song and its called the show its an amazing song plzzzzz take time to watch thank you yours sincerely. Isabel Healy

  2. monday is the 7th of october and tuesday is the 8th so what is the closing date ???? Please help me need to know now !!!!

  3. Hello,we in 6th class from scoil ursula sligo would love to take part in your wonderful show the lat late toy show.Last year we wrote a book called rebellion in the village it is twelve chapters long and the launch night is on november 13. we would be very thankful if you metioned our book on the show. its about a boy called leon which finds his father, its set in the times of the french revolution and has some great pictures in it.Thank you!

    Scoil Ursula

  4. I would love to go on the Late Late Toy Show beacause I love singing so much and It is my favourite programme. I hope you get a chance to look at my video. I know it is a bit late, but I hope you could give me a chance.

    Andrea O’Brien (12 years old)

  5. I’m really sorry for doing this again but I love music I want to be a musician when I’m older I know it’s a wild dream but I feel if I can have the chance to perform for Ireland it would be………. I can’t put it into words. I hope you have a chance to go onto youtube and look up Isabel Healy it would be amazing I’m not like everybody else I’m a bit quirky and unique and I know ye would rather have someone who’s just amazing but I can shine through to you I’m from co.cork innishannon barna and my name is Isabel Healy thank you and I’m 11 years young thank you.

  6. are you able to sing and when are the auditions for the 2013 toy show and do you hav to send a video and where to ?????????????????????? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE ANSWER SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. hi i want to send in my daughters audition for the toy show . she is 16.. what is the age limit.. can i email the audidion or just cd/ or usb

  8. my friends and i have been waiting for the late late toy show and would love to do irish dancing on the late late toy show we watch it every christmas and just hope were not too late to audition

  9. Hi. My friend laura had already commented but we would love to go and give you an audition so please texts back!from Muireann Laura and Roisin !thanks =]

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