Irish Docs up for Awards

Paul Duane’s Barbaric Genius, Ian Palmer’s Knuckle and Carol Morley’s Dreams of a Life all made it through the second stage of nominations for the Grierson Awards for Documentary Films and are into the final four in their respective categories.

Barbaric Genius is up for Best Newcomer award while Knuckle and Dreams of a Life are both up for Best Cinema Documentary award.

The Grierson Awards commemorate the work of pioneering Scottish filmmaker John Grierson (1898 – 1972).

The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony at The Empire in Leicester Square, London on 6th November.


2 Replies to “Irish Docs up for Awards”

  1. Dreams Of A Life was good, Barbaric Genius showed a total lack of insight into the subject matter plus RTE already did a much more impressive doc on John Healy.

  2. “RTE already did a much more impressive doc on John Healy” – really? I’ve seen both and the RTE doc is a shorter re-edit of Barbaric Genius, by the same director, with a lot less stuff about Healy’s personal life!

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