‘The rattle of Benghazi’ Wins at Mexican Film Festival


The Irish-Spanish short film The rattle of Benghazi directed by the Spanish-Dublin based director Paco Torres and co-produced by The Element, Video Lunch and Ardmore Sound has won an Honorable Special Mention at the Official Competition in Short Shorts International Film Festival in Mexico last weekend.

The rattle of Benghazi is an independent film production that deals with the duality of humanity from the perspective of children, their innocence confronting the barbary of war.  The film’s rich imagery references society and the despair of death.  War is not a game but people do play it like one.

The film is screening in film festivals worldwide over the coming months including SSIFF in Mexico, Bagdad International Film Festival, Fesancor in Chile, Invisible in Bilbaoand Fescigu in Guadalajaraamong others.

Full list at http://www.agenciafreak.com/recurso/0282_20120917_Official%20selections.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-Rattle-of-Benghazi/370527852958613




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