Underground Cinema Film Festival Comes to a Close


The 3rd Underground Film Festival came to a close inDun Laoghaireon Sunday night after the screening of over 100 films, 50 festival premieres and three world premieres.


Special guest Jack Sargeant, a writer specialising in cult, underground and independent film and the Program Director for the Revelation Perth International Film Festival, had this to say about the underground genre.


‘Underground film artists make films without money or connections. What they do have is a vision. The result is edgy, confrontational and habit-breaking.  It’s the voice of the artist or creator and nothing else. I don’t think people are afraid of Underground cinema, just not enough people know about it. If people open their minds to it, they would enjoy it. Blockbusters are like eating junk food, there’s an instant rush but it doesn’t last. A good film will affect you. It will stay with you and make you think about it for a long time after the credits roll. The film changes the way you think about something, for example, it will change the way you engage with cinema or artistic practice.’

Carmen Bryce


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