Underground Cinema Film Festival: Friday Preview

This year’s Underground Cinema Film Festival kicked off on Thursday.

The Underground Cinema Film Festival (UCFF) in Dun Laoghaire celebrates the best of Irish Independent Cinema screening a selection of some of the best short  and feature films made by Irish independent filmmakers. The festival takes place 13th-16th September.

Check out what’s going on Friday:

Friday Short Film Program 1 – Screening in the Martello Suite at 12pm

Short Film Program 1 – The Maretello Suite at 10am
1. Bogman – Set in the Irish midlands, a quiet man’s lonely existence takes a mysterious turn when he uncovers something out cutting turf. Directed by Garret Daly & Produced by Martina McGlynn – Running Time 14 Mins
2. Mass – Mass, an underground street fighter wakes up in an interrogation room after an unlikely confrontation. Directed by Robbie Hamilton & produced by Lauterio Zamparelli – Running Time 8 Mins
3. Case #377 – A Crooked cop cons an odd ball hazmat team into helping him locate a mysterious duffel bag in a banshee infested labyrinth Directed and Produced by John Gigrich – Running Time 9 Mins
4. Rose – Rose is a short documentary that portrays a daughters despair as she comes to terms with having to put her own mother into a nursing home due to the onset of Alzheimer’s. Directed & Produced by Peter O’Brien – Running Time 7 Mins
5. An Cluiche – This short film tells the story of a man who loves his team more than his girlfriend. Directed & Produced by Cathal O’Cuaig – Running Time 8 Mins
6. The Road of Souls – A moment in time in 1950’s that captures the imagination of an eleven year old boy. Directed by Garret Daly & Produced by Garret Daly & PJ Curtis – Running Time 18 Mins
7. No Messages – Dave, a beleaguered Dublin barman, awaits an important phone call. Directed by Cian McGarrigle & Produced by Eoin Lynch – Running Time 18 Mins
9. Fifty People – One Question – One Town – Fifty Different People – One Very Difficult Question Directed & Produced by Kamil Krolak – Running Time 11 Mins
10. Partly Cloudy – Fiona is dealing with the trials of being bridesmaid to her demanding sister Gillian. The stress is about to takes its toll. Directed by Mark Cogan & Produced by Amanda Ferriter – Running Time 15 Mins
11. The Arrival – Michael and John have been married for two years and are ready to take the next step into fatherhood. Having failed to adopt a baby through all the legal routes, Michael discovers a website where pregnant women sell their babies little knowing that these women are not what they seem. Directed by Christian Kotey & Produced by Jonathan Clancy – Running Times 16 Mins

Short Film Program 2 – The Maretello Suite at 4.15pm
1. Lose the Booze – Two estranged best friends wake up one morning after the night before in the mountains in a beer delivery truck, a full load of kegs and no clue how to undo the mess they are in. Directed by Declan Reynolds & Produced by Declan Reynolds, Ronan Connolly & Conor Hipwell Running Time 11 Mins
2. Channel 31 – Edgar Allen Poe has nothing on this macabre tale of burial, CB radios and graveyards. Cosmo helps his dying brothers fear of being buried alive in a most unusual fashion. Directed by Dermot Tynan & Produced by Lara O’Connell – Running Time 11 Mins
3. Breaking Up – After his girlfriend throws him out, Steve realises he doesn’t have his wallet. He hides and waits for her to leave, then sneaks back into the apartment to look for it. Directed & Produced by Tim Hanan – Running Time 3 Mins
4. Bayonet – Jack is intrigued by his Grandfather who fought in WWII. When his house is broken into, Jack takes matters into his own hands to avenge his Grandfather Directed by Anthony Downes & Produced by Caitriona Costello – Running Time 8 Mins
5. Jeremiah O’Dea– Hand carving works of art is my key to the walled garden, my way down the rabbit hole, my looking glass, my chosen path, my inspiration – Jeremiah O’Dea Directed and Produced by Kamil Krolak – Running Time 6 Mins
6. It’s A Wonderful Death – A suicidal man gets a new lease of life after hearing the world is about to end. Directed by Liam Upton & Produced by Big Salad Productions/Snugboro Films – Running Time 10 Mins
7. Premiss – 1969: A British intelligence officer is assigned to debrief a colleague returned from Soviet captivity. He soon suspects a link between the murder of a Russian defector in the US years earlier and a possible double agent in his department Directed by Bryan Tyrrell & Produced by Raymond Lamb, Aodán Ó’Coileáin & Bryan Tyrrell Running Time 11 Mins
8. Unusual Victim – An Abduction takes place, the pursuer becomes the pursued. Directed by Jason Figgis & Produced by Jason Shalloe – Running Time 8 Mins
9. For Sarah – For Sarah follows Sarah Jordan in the wake of her boyfriends death. She was the last person to see him alive and two days later, she remains the only person to have seen him dead. Alone together in their small apartment Sarah finds herself besieged by the demons of her past. Directed & Produced by Vincent McEntee – Running Time 16 Mins
10. The Court Astronomer – Life mirrors class as a Bishop, Knight and King try to outwit each other. Directed and Produced by Alex Fegan – Running Time 15 Mins
11. Spare Change? A homeless man is in desperate need for some extra cash – but what are his intentions? Directed by Jordan Ballantine & Produced by Jordan Ballantine & Patrick Murphy – Running Time 4 Mins
12. Uisce Beatha – A young man leaves his home in rural Ireland to cross the ocean on the doomed Titanic. But a night of celebration beforehand results in a twist that will effect his fate drastically. Directed by Shaun O’Connor & Produced by Aideen Wylde – Running Time 8 Mins
13. Trust – This is a tragic story of hurt, of how a meaningless sexual act can have a disturbing effect on the people we love. In one moment…. with one selfish Act…. you can ruin everything Directed & Produced by Alan Mulligan – Running Time 13 Mins

Jack Sargeant – A Journey to the Darkside a Full Day Program – The Dargan Suite from 12pm Onwards

12:00pm – 1:00pm Introductory Talk Jack Sergeant

For Jacks. full Bio, click here


Australian found footage, plunderphonics and experimentalism, exploring the nature of film as a physical medium, as a form of visual pleasure and as the mise-en-scene of the unconscious.

NUDE STUDIES Stefan Popescu 9 mins, 2012. HOLLYWOOD BURN Soda_Jerk 60mins, 2011, HOLIDAY Tony Lawrence 6:45mins 2012

3:00pm – 4:00pm LLIK YOUR IDOLS Angelique Bosio

This documentary introduces the Cinema of Transgression and – beyond that – the subcultures that informed it. Featuring Richard Kern, Nick Zedd and artist Joe Coleman, amongst others.


Because you asked for it. Because you deserved it. Because – more than anything else – you need it. A selection from the legendary New York post-punk Cinema of Transgression movement from the 1980s. These films breathed new dark unhealthy life to underground film, creating short sharp and black humoured movies that sacrificed all sacred cows. Expect nudity, sex, violence and mayhem.

SUBMIT TO ME NOW Richard Kern, NYMPHOMANIA Tessa Hughes Freeland & Holly Adams, BLACK HEARTS BLEED RED Jeri Cain Rossi, INSTINCT: BITCHES SIDE Tessa Hughes Freeland, 13mins, 2007., POLICE STATE Nick Zedd, FINGERED Richard Kern

A rare screening of legendary extreme underground movies culled from the glorious sewer of the nineties and noughties, plus a couple of new treats too. Expect some of the most confronting, shocking, gleefully perverse, offensive, informative and damned essential underground films you’re likely to see. Featuring contributions from Huck Botko, Carey Burtt, Shawn Durr, Usama Alshaibi, Aryan Kaganof and others. Expect: cakes, Merzbow, sex, serial killers, nudity and meat.

GASH Usama Alshaibi 2:11mins 2008, BAKED ALASKA, Huck Botko, 7:42mins, 1997, WASHING MACHINE, Cacaca 5:45mins 2007, THE PSYCHOTIC ODYSSEY OF RICHARD CHASE, Carey Burtt 6mins, 1999, CHEESECAKE, Huck Botko, 7:23 1998, BEYOND ULTRA VIOLENCE, Aryan Kaganof, 15mins 1998, LIKE A PIG IN SHIT Samantha Sweeting 5mins 2007, BOVINE VENDETTA Bob Judd, 3mins, 1998, ORGAN MOLLY Usama Alshaibi, 7mins, 2008, MEAT FUCKER Shawn Durr, 32mins, 1999

THE AMATEURS Usama Alshaibi, WE AWAIT Charles Pinion


Jack Sargeant’s full day program is strictly for over 18s only. If you are easily offended please do not attend

Tickets for Jack Sargeants Journey in to Darkness are free of charge to the first 50 people requesting a place for the program. Your ticket will give you access to the entire program for the day. You can choose to stay for the entire program or you can come and go as you please. To register your interest, please email


Treekeeper – Screening will be in the Martello Suite at 215pm


Treekeeper tells the story of a young mans struggle to protect his inherited woodlands from being developed as a landfill site.

Directed & Produced by Partick O’Shea

Running Time 89 Mins

Friday Short Film Program 2 – Screening in the Martello Suite at 415pm

The Solution – Screening in the Martello Suite at 6pm


This film explores the greed, apathy, prejudices and racism of a society transformed by an ‘economic miracle’. Jerry has done well during Irelands recent economic boom. A wealthy property man, he has recently married a younger woman. They live with his physically disabled son from a previous marriage. It looks like he has the perfect life, but if we scratch the surface there is something very dark and disturbing underneath.

Directed by Ivan Kavanagh

Running Time 90 Mins

G.B.H. – Screening will take place in the Martello Suite at 630pm


London 2011. As the worst riots the capitol has ever seen in decades rages, a lone wolf cop must choose between his friends or his duty as two worlds collide in this violent uncompromising crime epic in the tradition of The Long Good Friday and The Sweeney.

Directed by Simon Philips

Produced by Jonathan Sothcott

Running Time 80 Mins

Flower – Screening will take place in the Martello Suite at 830pm

Flower, a celebration of being different. A loveable imperfect man, a dying father, an estranged beleagured brother, unrequited love, street bullying and the realisation that nobody’s perfect.

Directed by Ger Thompson & Peter Thompson

Produced by Eileen McCarthy

Running Time 90 Mins

Trina Cheile

Underground Cinema Are Delighted to Welcome Trina Cheile to the World Premiere of Flower. Trina Cheile will be playing before and after the screening of Flower in the Martello Suite

Trina Cheile are a group based in Youghal Co.Cork. With the legendary Youghal Pipe band being a large part of who they are particularly as Bodhran player Tommy Mc Carthy and bag pipes player Brian Mc Carthys grandfather was its founder. Plans are underway for a centenary celebration to Chicago in 2014.
They began as a session band but when lead singer Ger Thompson joined the group they found themselves drawn into a variety of influences from Paolo Nutini to Mungo Jerry and Bruce Springsteen to Johnny Cash which with mainly traditional instruments creates a unique blend. Ger also writes a lot of his own songs many of which are in his feature film Flower. The group are often found entertaining in the East Cork and West Waterford area.”

The World Premiere of Flower is supported by Waterford County Council


Click here for the festival’s full schedule




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