Underground Cinema Film Festival: Thursday Preview

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This year’s Underground Cinema Film Festival kicks off on Thursday.

The Underground Cinema Film Festival (UCFF) in Dun Laoghaire celebrates the best of Irish Independent Cinema screening a selection of some of the best short  and feature films made by Irish independent filmmakers. The festival takes place 13th-16th September, with the opening gala on Thursday, 13th.

Panel Discussion:

Orla Murphy will chair a panel consisting of award-winning Directors Kirsten Sheridan and Marian Quinn, DoP Kate McCullough.

‘Making your First Feature: If I knew then what I know now…’

The panel discussion will be focus on how these talented women got into film in the first place, the relationship between cinematographer and director, what elements have evolved and are evolving in their creative practice from film to film – as well as some practical business lessons learned along the way. There will also be a Q&A with the audience and this will be followed by a screening of Kirsten Sheridan’s new feature DollHouse.

Short Films Directed by Women – Screening in the Martello Suite at 10am:

1. A Scare Less Ordinary – Fast paced film following Una who thinks she may be pregnant, while slugging glasses of wine and searching the net for symptoms. Directed & Produced by Rita Marie Lawlor – Running Time 7 Mins

2. Losing Memories – An elderly lady is losing her memories. This mood piece is seen through her eyes. Her past and present merge. She becomes the child she once was. Directed by Orlagh Heverin & Produced by Paddy O’Connor – Running Time 9 Mins

3. Off The Board – Off the board is a short poetic documentary dealing with a sense of fear through the experience of diving. Directed by Siobhan Perry & Produced by Roisin Linnie – Running Time 8 Mins

4. Rapunzel – The Blonde Years – Rapunzel is desperate to escape. The handsome prince comes to rescue her, but discovers there are situations where size does really matter. Directed by Fiona Ashe & Produced by Trish Groves – Running Time 2 Mins

5. Clues – William wakes up to find himself locked in his bedroom. he must solve a series of elaborate clues created by his girlfriend Sam, in order to win his freedom. Directed by Kathy Kelly & Produced by John Lynch – Running Time 6 Mins

6. Two Margaritas And One Daiquiri -Three girls with a very particular way to have fun when going out. Directed by Carmen Reig Llabata & Produced by Carmen Reig Llabata & Carmen Montero – Running Time 14 Mins

7. The Deal – Five players, two peelers, a bag, a drop of blood and a pile of puke in the Belfast docks set the scene for this black comedy about a heist that doesn’t quite go to plan. Directed by Delyth Thomas & Produced by Diane Shorthouse – Running Time 11 Mins

8. Out of the Blue – A bitter sweet comedy about finding friendship when it is least expected. Directed & Produced by Katherine Murphy – Running Time 11 Mins

9. The Legend – A struggling playwright turns to whiskey and his idol, Arthur Miller to overcome writers block, when he meets a blonde bombshell in the local pub, he discovers real inspiration. Directed & Produced by Shannon Moncrief – Running Time 18 Mins

10. Riders to the Sea – A surfing duel breaks out between a male and female surfer off the West Coast of Ireland. Breaking waves, racing hearts, and the treachery of Lycra. Directed by Orla Walsh & Produced by Ian W. Davis – Running Time 5 Mins


Feature Films Screening:

Eden – Screening in the Dargan Suite at 10am

Eden deals with what could possibly be a future for most people caught up in the current economic climate in Ireland and how we have taken a bite of the financial apple and borrowed beyond our means. We follow Adam who has been left unemployed and homeless throughout one of his days on the streets and the people and situations he finds himself in on a daily basis.

Directed and Produced by Robbie Walsh

Running Time 70 Mins


A Fistful of Diamonds – Screening in the Dargan Suite at 11.30am

A modern-day Irish Western in which a wayward stranger, a wronged thief and a bereaved daughter collide in the search of an elusive stash of stolen diamonds.

Directed by David Keeling

Produced by David Keeling & Keith Hennigan

Running Time 87 Mins


32A – Screening in the Martello Suite at 11.45am

After casting many envious glances at other women’s busts (even the nuns’), 13-year-old Maeve finally gets her first bra, size 32A, but no one expects her to get the local heartthrob. Marian Quinn’s coming-of-age comedy drama has multiple awards under its belt and features Aidan Quinn and Jared Harris.

Directed by Marian Quinn

Produced by Tommy Weir & Roshanak Behesht Nedjad

Running Time 89 Mins


The Gingerbread Men – Screening in the Dargan Suite at 1.15pm

The Gingerbread Men is a dark comedy, set in Dublin, Ireland. It follows two final year Trinity College students, Charlie (womanizer) and Ken (virgin), over the course of 2 (two) life-changing months. After Ken enlists Charlie to help him lose his virginity, things don’t go to plan for either of them.

Directed by Dáire McNab

Produced by Dáire McNab, Simone Cameron Coen amd Robert Kearns

Running Time 105 Mins


Meeting on the Stairs – Screening in the Martello Suite at 1.30pm

Molly, student, meets Dave, artist, they form a relationship, all goes well till Dave discovers that Molly is pregnant to someone else.

Directed by Lorna Fitzsimmons

Produced by Carl Shaaban

Running Time 73 Mins


Snap – Screening in the Martello Suite at 3pm

Snap begins with a documentary crew invading the home of Sandra who has agreed to be interviewed despite her caustic tongue and what seems like a burning desire to antagonize the filmmakers. She is one angry woman: sometime in the very recent past, her teenage son kidnapped a toddler and created a national panic/sensation. Both Stephen and Sandra have become public enemies, with Sandra having been all but crucified, made into the kind of media scapegoat tabloid readers love to loathe.

Directed by Carmel Winters & Produced by Martina Niland – Running Time 120 Mins


Dollhouse – Screening in the Pavilion Theatre at 4.30pm

Dollhouse explores a night in the life of a group of street teens from Dublin’s inner city who break into a house in an upper class suburb. The break in quickly moves into a night of frenzy, driven by a series of revelations that will leave lasting marks on each of them, and resulting in an emotional conclusion that they will carry with them.

Directed by Kirsten Sheridan

Produced by John Wallace

Running Time 95 Mins


Gloves and Glory – Screening in the Laurel Suite at 5.15pm

Feature documentary focusing on female amateur boxing in Ireland.

Directed by Caitriona Costello

Produced by Caitriona Costello & Rita Marie Lawlor

Running Time 103 Mins


The Other Side of Sleep – Screening in the Martello Suite at 5.15pm


The film looks at the tensions just beneath the surface of a small community; as it supports and isolates its own at the same time. This unique suspense film follows Arlene through her world, seeing life through her eyes as her fear and paranoia mount and a community searches for a killer.

Directed by Rebecca Daly & Produced By Morgan Bushe & Macdara Kelleher

Running Time 91 Mins


The Nixer – Screening in the Martello Suite at 6.45pm

Two petty criminals tired of living on the breadline and begging for scraps, decide to branch out on their own into a life of crime. They pull off their first job but quickly realise they’ve messed with the wrong person. Time is now running out as they try to escape retribution.

Directed by Fiona Graham

Produced by Lisa McNamee

Running Time 77 Mins


Portrait of a Zombie – Screening in the Pavilion Theatre at 8pm

A working class Irish familiy decides to care for their zombie son much to the annoynace of the neighbours and the local crime boss and all under the gaze of an American documentary film crew. Will the Murphy’s love of their son be enough to protect them from a Dublin zombie outbreak? Or will they discover that blood truly runs thicker than water? One thing is for sure. For the zombies in Ireland, THE FAMINE IS OVER.

Produced by Bing Bailey and Laura Morand Bailey

Directed by Bing Bailey

Running Time 90 Mins


Click here for the festival’s full schedule




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