Call For: Fundit Funders for Low Budget Thriller ‘The Hit Producer’

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The Hit Producer is an independent Irish crime thriller that marks the feature debut of Kevin de la Isla O’Neill and stars Michelle Doherty of Phantom 105.2 in her follow-up role to Lenny Abrahamson’s new film What Richard Did.


The Hit Producer is currently in production, with shooting taking place in Dublin on a zero budget, however, in order to complete the film and cover post production expenses, the creative team are raising a budget of €18,000 on crowd-funding website


To date 60% of the money has been pledged and five days remain to raise the remaining 40% – €7,000. However, should the team fail to reach their target within the next five days they will receive none of the money pledged to date. As such, the team are reaching out to the film-making community to help them hit their target and, in exchange for pledges, are offering film credits, speaking roles and a variety of limited edition, customized rewards.


In addition to the pitch video and project description on the funding homepage—feature-film, the team recently released a slick teaser trailer which showcases the production values achieved on the shoot to date as well as a number of production stills, all of which can be viewed on the dedicated Facebook page for the movie:


Despite being a feature production, the film was consciously developed as a low budget project and the screenplay written accordingly without sacrificing the pace, violence and action associated with the crime genre. Similarly, the creative team have made participation for prospective backers affordable at all levels. A pledge of €10 will put any backer’s name in the end credits, while the more attractive producer credits start at €200 (associate) and stop at €600 (executive). The team recently announced that they are offering speaking roles in the film in exchange for a pledge of €1,000 which would also entitle the backer to an executive producer credit and a percentage share in future sales. At the time of writing, one of the four roles available had been snapped up.


The story of The Hit Producer focuses on Katelin Ballantyne, a struggling movie producer in search of an investor, who is forced to commit murder after witnessing an attempted hit in Dublin’s underbelly. Natural aptitude sees her blackmailed into participating in a campaign to wipe out an ambitious drug boss’ competition until an error of judgement on her part exposes them. Suddenly cut loose, Katelin realises that she is now the target and must adapt to survive the onslaught of the drug underworld as the thin veil masking her double life begins to slip away.


The team hope that the influence of film-makers like Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez will attract the attention of fans of genre movies who, given a chance, would love to have their name forever associated with a cult crime thriller which takes its cues from the likes of Reservoir Dogs, Grosse Pointe Blank and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.


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