Trashfest Present Screening of ‘Supergirl’ in Sugar Club 13th September


Trashfest presents a screening of Supergirl in Dublin’s Sugar Club on Thursday, 13th September 13thwith spectacular audio-visual pre-show hosted by their own Trashcot.

Featuring an all star supporting line-up, including legends Peter O’Toole and Peter Cook and Mia Farrow, Supergirl is possibly the film they’d all like to forget. Sadly for them, it’s has been rescued by Trashfest from the vaults of time for the delight of Dublin’s fans of unlikely cinematic brilliance.


Trashfest are a group of concerned citizens who seek to educate and entertain the masses with screenings of the world’s most marvelous bad movies. With sell-out, fully introduced, screenings of the likes of Leprechaun and Showgirls the Trashfest crew have discovered that the people of Dublin love their cinematic crap piled high!


The Sugar Club on 13th Septemberat  8pm, €10 and €8.


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