Celebrating 25 years of Film Ireland Magazine Exhibition


Celebrating 25 years of Film Ireland magazine, an exhibition of articles looking back over 25 years of Ireland’s only cultural magazine dedicated to film has now closed.  However we will continue to put all exhibition pieces online this summer.


The first issue of Film Ireland – then known as Filmbase News – was published in May 1987. With the publication of the current issue, no. 142, for autumn 2012, we looked back over 25 years of the magazine by exhibiting a selection of articles in full in the gallery space in Filmbase.


The articles ranged from Nell McCafferty writing on pornography in issue Feb/Mar1990, to Cillian Murphy telling us ‘I mean it’s Batman for fuck’s sake – it’s not a difficult decision!’ in Mar/Apr 2004.


The 10 pieces include issue 1 of Filmbase news of May/June 1987 printed in full.
The exhibition ran from Tuesday 31st July until Sunday 19th August.


Check back here for links to full articles of each piece.

Piece 1 –  Issue 142 Autumn 2012 ’25 Years of Film Ireland’.

Piece 2 – Issue 1 of Filmbase news May/June 1987.

Piece 3 – Issue 16 Feb/Mar 1990 Nell McCafferty‘Cyanide and Snuff’.

Piece 4 – Issue 36 Aug/Sep 1993 Interview with Lelia Doolan, chair of The Irish Film Board, ‘On the Board’.

Piece 5 – Issue 39 Feb/Mar 1994 ‘Low Fat Filmmaking’ interview with ‘Ailsa’ producer Ed Guiney, now of Element Pictures and director Paddy Breathnach.

Piece 6 – Issue  65 June/July 1998  ‘General Boorman’

Piece 7 – Issue 69 Feb/Mar 1999 ‘Actor’s Life’ David Kelly Interview

Piece 8 –  Issue 95 Nov/Dec 2003 ‘Being Jim Sheridan’ Interview

Piece 9 – Issue 97 Mar/Apr 2004 ‘International Playboy’ Cillian Murphy Interview

Piece 10 – Issue 103 Mar/Apr 2005 ‘Irish Eyes’  Seamus McGarvey Interview



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