Light House Cinema announces Alfred Hitchcock season


Following the success and popularity of our Film Noir Season, Light House Cinema is proud to announce a season of the films of Alfred Hitchcock.
The season is compiled of films spanning over twenty years of Hitchcock’s career, including Rebecca, Notorious, Vertigo, North by Northwest, Psycho, and The Birds.
Tickets to the Hitchcock Season at Light House Cinema are available on our website (, and there is a special box office only season pass to all six films for only €36.

A different film will be shown each week, on a Wednesday at 20:30 and on the following Sunday at 15:30, please see below for the season’s listings.


North by Northwest
Wednesday, September 19th 20:30
Sunday, September 23rd 15:30


With the recent popularity of Mad Men, it’s interesting to revisit Hitchcock’s treatment of a Madison Avenue executive in this classic case of mistaken identity.  Cary Grant is mistaken for a spy in a New York hotel and soon he’s running for his life, pursued by foreign agents intent on killing him. Cue a thrilling sightseeing tour of the USA as Grant is chased cross-country from New York through to the climax on Mount Rushmore, via an often referenced scene of a crop dusting bi-plane ‘where there ain’t no crops.’


Wednesday, September 26th 20:30
Sunday, September 30th 15:30


Like The Birds, Rebecca was inspired by the works of Daphne Du Maurier. Winner of the Best Picture Oscar® and the Opening Film at the first ever Berlin International Film Festival, Rebecca is a dark thriller filled with classic Noir elements of murder, deception and intrigue. It begins in Monte Carlo, where timid Joan Fontaine meets and falls in love with a widowed aristocrat. However, when they marry and move to his beautiful mansion, Manderley, in England, she ends up living in the shadow of the aristocrat’s first wife, the titular Rebecca. A non-supernatural ghost story, this gothic thriller is one of the most haunting and beautifully photographed of Hitchcock’s films.


Wednesday, October 3rd 20:30
Sunday, October 7th 15:30


As the daughter of a spy, Ingrid Bergman is recruited by a government agent (Cary Grant) to infiltrate Nazis who have relocated to South America. On assignment, Bergman seduces one of the Nazi leaders, leading to a complicated love triangle. Though touted as Hitchcock’s first real attempt at a serious love story, the love affair between Bergman, her US agent handler, and a Nazi exiled to South America, and a plot involving smuggled uranium ensures that the film is also very much a thriller.


Wednesday, October 10th 20:30
Sunday, October 14th 15:30


Hitchcock’s story of a cop with chronic acrophobia is definitely a high watermark in the history of cinema. Featuring experimental filmmaking techniques (the distorting zoom to convey a fear of heights), a timeless plot, and the magnificent James Stewart and Kim Novak, Vertigo is deserving of its place in the conversation on the best film ever.



Wednesday, October 17th 20:30
Sunday, October 21st 15:30


Often copied, never equalled, Hitchcock’s tale of a knife wielding maniac picking off attractive young travellers has since become a cinematic trope. The original features a chilling plot, a wonderful cast and some of the most iconic cinematography of all time. Psycho broke all the rules and set a new standard in horror while Anthony Perkins’ performance defined cinema psychos for years to come.


The Birds
Wednesday, October 24th 20:30
Sunday, October 28th 15:30


Starring quintessential Hitchcock Blonde, Tippi Hedren, who very famously suffered for Hitchcock’s art. The story of birds turning hostile and attacking a seaside town sounds like the ultimate  B-Movie, but the creepiness and terror that Hitchcock conjures throughout this film undoubtedly impacts pet shop canary sales to this day, as well as cementing his status as the master of suspense.



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