IFI Stranger Than Fiction 2012: The Imposter

Recently I was looking up the trailer for The Imposter, our opening film of Stranger Than Fiction Documentary Festival in the IFI this week and I came across a blogger who had posted on the trailer. ‘Is this the most badass documentary trailer of all time?’ he asked.

I had to laugh.

When have you ever heard of documentaries being described as ‘badass’? What does ‘badass’ even mean in this context?

I think it’s that feeling when you come out of a film that has knocked you for six, and then some. I remember coming out of those early Tarantino films… they had that badass feeling. I remember a filmmaker friend turning to me and saying, ‘Well that’s a fucking masterpiece!’ after Pulp Fiction. How often do the words ‘fucking’ and ‘masterpiece’ go together?

The Dark Knight with Heath Ledger was pretty badass. Terminator 2? Badass. Fight Club? Yep. Scarface? You’d definitely say so. Gladiator? Many people would say yes. But a documentary? You don’t hear it that often. Here’s the news: coming out of The Imposter at the Hot Docs festival earlier this year, I looked at my friend and we had that look on our faces… that badass feeling.

The Imposter is one of those films that makes you go, ‘whooah!’

In The Imposter film noir intersects with documentary to create a thriller with more twists than you’ll find in any other film this year. The film embraces the notion of the ‘unreliable narrator’ and throughout the film it’s hard to know who to trust. The shifting emphasis sucks you in. And the filmmakers navigate all of the intrigue, the uncertainty, the twists and turns with admirable assurance . They never put a foot wrong.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether it’s badass or not but I definitely think it’s a masterpiece.

Ross Whitaker

The Imposter is showing as part of the IFI Stranger Than Fiction Festival 2012, Dublin’s Documentary Festival. 

Director Bart Layton will be in attendance.

Check it out here:


Click here for details of the screenings at this year’s Stranger Than Fiction Documentary Festival in the IFI

Keep an eye filmireland.net on for coverage of the festival as it happens.


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