Cinema Review: Jo Nesbø’s Jackpot

DIR/WRI: Magnus Martens • PRO: Are Heidenstrom, Martin Sundland • DOP: Trond Høines • ED: Jon Endre Mørk • DES: Lina Nordqvist • CAST: Kyrre Hellum, Henrik Mestad, Marie Blokhus

We’ve all faced that old dilemma of how to get a dead body out of the house and dispose of it. Jo Nesbo’s Jackpot offers little assistance in providing its own solution, yet hopes to provide some comedy capers along the way.

The film opens with a mass slaughter in a sex shop after which Oscar (Hellum) is discovered by the police under the beefy, bump-and-grinder body of one of the victims with shotgun in hand. Taken into custody, Oscar takes us through the events that lead up to the massacre through a series of flashbacks while being interrogated.

After winning the football pools with three colleagues, Oscar finds himself in possession of a lot of money. The only problem is his syndicate is made up of ex-cons whose idea of splitting the spoils is kill first, share later.

The capers that ensue are presented in a concoction of Tarantino, Guy Ritchie, Coen Brothers, Shallow Grave style as the flashbacks run through a series of episodes drenched in black comedy. Only problem is it’s not really that funny. The film seems to be more intent on attacking the senses with its pace and style than actually developing the humour beyond its superficial set pieces.

The film is at its best during the interrogation scenes, which are lit up by Detective Solor, played to idiosyncratic perfection by Henrik Mestad. Beyond that Jo Nesbo’s Jackpot comes off all a bit frivolous and never comes near the fun it hints at wanting to be. Things run out of steam quickly enough despite its short 85-minute running time and it fails to break free from its all-too-familiar style and substance. There are a couple of moments that shine through the general gump but not near enough to really enliven what turns out to be a surprisingly unsatisfactory affair. Disappointing.

Steven Galvin

86 mins
Jo Nesbø’s Jackpot is released on 10th August 2012



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