Cinema Review: Grabbers

DIR: Jon Wright • WRI: Kevin Lehane • PRO: Tracy Brimm, Eduardo Levy, James Martin, Kate Myers, Martina Niland, Piers Tempest • DOP: Trevor Forrest • ED: Matt Platts-Mills • DES: Tom McCullagh • CAST: Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley, Russell Tovey

Strange lights in the sky, a fireball exploding into the sea and a group of fishermen missing; the small island of Erin is left baffled. To add to the mix, there’s a new gal in town Lisa, played by Ruth Bradley – Lisa is a little more than anal and next to her new partner in crime, Garda Ciaran O’Shea (Richard Coyle) a perpetuous drunk, Lisa shapes up to be a bit square. An over eager workaholic, she takes a ‘working’ holiday on the Erin Island only to become emotionally invested in the emotionally void Ciaran.

‘It’s always the quiet places the mad shit happens’

The men are distracted by Lisa’s presence and the situation is further complicated when the local doctor Jim Gleeson, played by Paschal Scott, discovers numerous dead pilot whales severely wounded, washed up along the coast; shockingly brushed off as the new garda in town occupies the male attention. Bewildered by the mysterious discovery of an ‘alien’ by the island’s notorious drunk Paddy, the penny drops for Ciaran and he whisks Lisa off to find the Aliens AKA Grabbers hideout. The mood darkens when larger-than-life the Grabber bounds through the cave. Typical of Irish weather the rain is set to pour, the perfect environment for the Grabber to survive and multiply. Threatened with what looks like large killer octopuses, the small community is thrown together to fight for survival.

Not being a big fan of horror films, I was slightly apprehensive before going to see Grabbers, needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. The story reels you in without realisation, until bam – the little suckers got you! It’s Irish comedy at its best, mixed up with a nice amount of terror and some smooth acting. Grabbers is an impressive example of Irish film in its true drunken, crass humour against the backdrop of beautiful Irish scenery. A humorous horror showing how the Irish come together in times of crisis for a good ‘Knees up’!

There  aresome dodgy moments; for one when Ciaran offers to stay sober to protect Lisa is bordering on taking the piss out of other overly soppy rom-coms and didn’t sit well, it played like they were awkward and came across very fake. However, Grabbers is packed with plenty of scenes to keep you on edge, being  both tense and humorous, with a couple of awkward moments that are surely cringe worthy. It is clear that neither writer Kevin Lehane nor director Jon Wright wanted you to sit back and relax. So grab a beer, lock your doors and brace yourselves for the long night ahead!

Julie Nicholl-Stimpson

Rated 15A (see IFCO website for details)
94 mins
Grabbers is released on 10th August 2012

Grabbers – Official Website


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