Filmbase/RTE Short Film ‘The Question’ Finishes Production

‘The Question’ (MPH) credit Alex Brenner

Production has just been completed in London on a new Irish short entitled The Question, a visually stunning and compelling science fiction film directed by Danann Breathnach. Danann’s recent credits include a number of internationally recognised short films such as Irish Film Board funded Team Sleep. This is his first foray into the world of science fiction, and Danann’s eye for stylistic detail in previous productions including a number of high concept music videos, ensures this futuristic drama is an exciting departure for this rising director.


Danann Breathnach previously had a career as a TV presenter and actor for the likes for MTV, Fame Academy and Hollyoaks. The Question features Owen Mc Donnell and Phoebe McIntosh in the lead roles.


The story of The Question is an intriguing one. SHE is a woman with an unknown past, jolted back into life from a cryogenically frozen state by an ambitious doctor intent on pushing the boundaries of creation. SHE has been somewhere for over 100 years, and although the scientists want to erase what few memories have tenuously survived, everyone else hungrily wants to know who she is and where she has been. But does she remember, and should she tell them? Ultimately this film asks whether or not there is life after death and pits science against religion in an ethical battle for identity and freedom.


Cinematography on the film was carried out by Dan Stafford Clarke, and a small team of people led by Beck Rainford and Fiona Allbrow set about the challenging role creating the costumes and visual world of our characters who exist in an imaginative future on a very tight budget. Talent and innovation came to the fore with some stunning results.


Produced by London based Irish filmmaker Mark Downes, and co-produced by Dublin based Anna Rodgers, the film was made by MPH Films in London through the Filmbase/RTE short film award. Danann Breathnach co-wrote the script with talented young writer Jessica O’Toole, and the film spent a year in development allowing the unique world of the main characters to be envisaged. The film is now in post-production and will be premiered later this year.



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