Call For: Actors for Park Films Feature Spoof Documentary

Illustration by Adeline Pericart
Park Films are currently looking for actors men and women of varying ages for a feature spoof- documentary written and directed by Rory Bresnihan.
It is mix of both paid and unpaid depending on the experience of the actors… We have lots of differents roles, some with few lines some without.
The casting will be on the 2nd of August and the shooting will be on the second week of August.
If interested please send headshot, pictures and showreel (if possible) to

Preferably eccentric quirky types (comic actors):
– Men with solid comic acting experience (30-40)
– Males (20-30)
…- Experienced actresses (30s)

Rolls (acting experience necessary):
– Adam and Eve: Naïve looking model types (20s).
– Teen Hitler look-a-like
– Adult Hitler look-a-like
– Sexy catwalk woman.
– Native American girl/ Native American guy (18-25)
– Male (40s). Redneck.
– Intimidating inner-city male (25-45).
– Couple: Good physical comic actors (25-40).
– Safari game hunter (40s)
– Dapper Male (50s-60s).
– Extras x 20. A mix of ages and sexes.
– Teen Hitler look-alike… Male (15-18).
– Blonde blue-eyed Aryan-type teen.
– Young military type (19 – 25).
– Young black girl (8 – 12): Ability to perform

Other specific types (no acting experience necessary):
– White guy with dreads
– Didgeridoo player – or just guy with didgeridoo.
– young people with ethnic tattoos.
– Red-haired girl.
– Heavy set man in his 50s-60s.
– Anyone with gold teeth( No acting experience necessary).


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