‘Good Vibrations’ secures cinema release

Out Now: Film Ireland: The Autumn Issue 2012 – Issue 142

Good Vibrations, which features on the cover of the latest issue of Film Ireland, is to be released in Irish and UK cinemas towards the end of this year after securing a distribution deal. The film, which screens at this year’s Galway Film Fleadh,  focuses on Belfast’s punk godfather Terri Hooley ,who opens a record shop, Good Vibrations, at the height of the Troubles in the 1970s, and tries to imbue the spirit of the city of Belfast through music.

The film is a co-production between Belfast’s Canderblinks Film & Music, London-based Revolution Films and Dublin’s Treasure Entertainment.


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  1. Oh I could tell you lots of details about it but I really do not want to spoil your uncensored experience. Trust me, you will enjoy it. Seeing the movie was one of my highlights of my first visit to Galway. The DJ session by Terri at the after party at the Rowing Club down the lane from the festival was old school fun with people DANCING! We were even singing in the ladies loo (bathroom) to the songs while waiting in line for a stall! I am still wearing my Good Vibrations button on my black jacket from that night.

    Last week I was in Belfast and I looked for the store. No listing for a website, yet I found a Yelp review with an address on Winetavern Road (or street?). My friends said they didn’t think it was there any more so lets check out the ‘arcade’. Not there, yet the woman in the small craft shop said it was nearby but now around the corner at Cafe Hero coffee shop. Well to my surprise, there it was by the staircase. Maybe shadows of its former glory, but in these days of fewer record shops, I would rather see a small record shop than none at all! Yet Terri’s paper business card said it all ‘Belfast’s Poorest Record Store’! On the back of the oversize paper card is a listing that Terri djs at Hudsons on a Thursday night. Still being a night warrior of music!

    I emailed Terri and told him GOOD VIBRATIONS RECORD STORE MERCHANDISE will be your fortune as once this movie hits the bigger market (USA and elsewhere) there will be people looking for merchandise. His Facebook page under his name is full so he needs a Good Vibrations Record Store page. I see he has a book out as well which looks worth checking out. Record Store fans and music fans want a keepsake of their visit, like a concert tshirt. Even Tower Records in Dublin should merchandise their store name as Tower Records is gone in the US. I still have former customers run into me and say how much they miss Tower Records and it has been closed for almost 6 years.

    A record shop is a dedicated shop with music fan clerks who get to know their clientele so shoppers make it a weekly return. God bless the indie record store shops around the world as they are a rare and brave breed!

    Another connection with the movie was seeing the Undertones perform at the Westport Music Festival in late June. They were under the big circus tent performing to a packed crowd and it was pouring rain outside. The energy onstage was as fresh and vibrate as could be all these years later and the rocking crowd was loving it. The ‘Teenage Kicks’ song is still in my head from that show and the movie. Love it! Rock on Good Vibrations Record Store and Terri Hooley, you are rich with your legacy and those you helped along the way.

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