Launch GAZE at the Light House


The Lighthouse cinema hosted the launch of the programme for GAZE 20, Dublin’s 20th International LGBT Film Festival, which will take place in August (2nd to 6th).

Highlights include films from Iran, where the authorities banned Circumstance, in which a family comes to terms with their lesbian daughter.  Facing Mirrors is the first narrative film from Iran to feature a transgendered main character.

Buck Angel, the world’s first female-to-male transsexual porn star, will appear at the Light House to discuss his life story, his transition and his film Sexing the Transman.  His family hails from Ireland.

A compilation of shorts represents Irish film, and their makers will attend a Q&A, discussing what festival programmer David Mullane describes as ‘the pain and pleasures of making LGBT films in Ireland’.

Writer/actor Mark O’Halloran (Adam & Paul) will chair a panel discussing what constitutes a gay film.  Is it the content, the maker’s intention, the audience?

This year’s audiences will vote for the best film and best short film.  The festival’s board will choose the film that best represents the ‘Spirit of Gaze’, while a jury will choose the best documentary.

Free screenings include Weekend (2011, Andrew Haigh), “one of the best LGBT films of last year and ever,” says Mr Mullane, and The Outs, a web series, selected to demonstrate the evolution of film festivals into transmedia events.  Mr Mullane describes these screenings as a way of saying thanks to the festival’s audiences over the past 20 years.

The festival will make use of exhibition spaces in the Light House, with The Story of Gaze, which will feature archive material, and posters and stills taken by Irish photographers Colin Quinn and Oisín Share during the filming of Weekend.

All 33 screenings will take place at the Light House over the August bank holiday weekend.  Details of parties, other special guests, ticket prices and booking are all available on the website.

Denis Dermody, chair of the festival board; David Mullane, festival programmer; Noel Sutton; festival manager; and Conor Behan; festival intern

 John Moran


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