Japanese Film Festival Presents Irish Premiere Screening and Director Q&A

access>CINEMA, in collaboration with The Embassy of Japan in Ireland, is delighted to welcome renowned anime director Makoto Shinkai to take part in a Q&A following the Irish premiere of his new film Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below, on MONDAY JULY 2nd at THE LIGHT HOUSE CINEMA, DUBLIN, 7pm. The premiere screening will be preceded by a rare opportunity to see Shinkai’s acclaimed short film, She And Her Cat, on the big screen.

Irish Times film writer Tara Brady will facilitate the Q&A.

Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below:
Young Asuna spends much of her time outdoors accompanied by Mimi, her cat. An encounter with a large, sharp-toothed bear-creature also brings her into contact with a brave young man who appears to have superhuman powers. He introduces himself as Shun, a warrior from Agartha, an underground land where the beasts (or Quetzalcoatl) guard the entrance to prevent ‘topsiders’ like Asuna from entering.

There are people who believe that this world has properties that will bring people back from the dead, and this puts Shun and his people in danger from a ruthless group of soldiers intent on gaining access to Agartha at any cost.

This thought-provoking and beautifully made animated picture tenderly deals with the part in all of us that wishes we could have had that last opportunity to say goodbye to someone we’ve lost. Although breathtakingly original, the film has elements of the best of both Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away.

Existing fans of Makoto Shinkai’s work are going to be delighted, and its universal appeal is going to win him a whole new audience in the process.

Makoto Shinkai Biography:
Makoto Shinkai is a Japanese film director, animator, and writer. A native of the Nagano prefecture in Japan, he studied Japanese literature at Chuo University. He traces his passion for creation to the manga, anime, and novels he was exposed to while in middle school.

Considered one of the best animators in the world today, he is often called the “next-Miyazaki”. Shinkai developed his abilities as a video game designer for FalCom, where he worked on the cult-classic role-playing game Y”S. Shinkai is unique as an animator as he cut his teeth by producing almost all elements on many of his works – from animation to music composition to voice acting.

His film credits include: Voices of a Distant Star (2002), The Place Promised in Our Early Days (2004), 5 Centimeters Per Second (2007), and Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below (2011).

He has won numerous awards for his work including: 12th DoGA CG Animation Award; 1st New Tokyo International Animation Festival Grand Prize; 7th Kobe Animation Prize; 6th Japanese Media Art Award for Digital Media; 34th Nebula Award(World Con); 59th Mainichi Films Animation Prize; 2007 Asia Pacific Film Award; and the Lancia Platinum Grand Prize (Italy).

The Japanese Film Festival Festival aims to bring the best of Japanese cinema to Irish audiences and to strengthen the cultural ties between our two countries.

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