Independent Feature ‘The Last Light’ Released on DVD

George Clarke’s The Last Light from Belfast’s leading indie film studio Yellow Fever Productions has been released on DVD. It premiered at the 3rd Annual Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival in September 2011 before going on to screen in New York and Orlando, where its lead star Robert Render scooped the Best Actor Award at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival. At each screening, the film proved a real scare as the audience screamed and jumped from their seats… And that was mostly the men.


Starring local actors Robert Render, Vivian Jamison and Jo Crawford, the film is based on real events that happened in the house when writer/director George Clarke went on a number of ghost hunts with local paranormal investigators. Keeping note of his own and the teams experiences, he created the story of Rob Walker, a maintainance guy who looks after the house only to find out he is not alone as he boards up the last of the windows.


The role was written specifically for Robert Render, a Bangor based actor who had a role as the infamous zombie in George Clarke’s second film The Knackery that had a drainpipe shoved through his head. A well-known face in the Northern Irish independent film world, George felt it was time Robert had his own feature, thus The Last Light was created, and a 12 day schedule put in place.


Shooting the film itself was a lot of hard work, with focus on a smaller cast, but bigger performances as Robert would spend most of the time alone in the house or avoiding ghosts. Even on the sunniest of days, the house was so dark inside, it was impossible to see an inch in front of you. Lighting for the team came in the form of a zippo lighter (and matches), an Ipad, and a mag-light covered with a sandwich as a filter. But it worked wonders!


Described by Frances Burscough from the Belfast Telegraph as ‘the scariest movie since the Blair Witch’, the film was made with a budget of just £200 and is set to give the Hollywood blockbuster The Woman In Black a run for its money as they were released side-by-side on June 18th. George says, ‘It was amazing to see how many genuine screams we had from grown men at every screening around the world, so I think we can offer just as much as any big budgeted horror out there’.


HMV in High Street, Belfast once again hosted the launch with a signing from the main cast and crew including award winners Clarke and Render. Lucky customers on the night also got a host of free goodies with their purchase and a chance to talk with and get some photos with the stars.


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Frances Burscough, Belfast TelegraphScariest movie since the Blair Witch!


Mike Leeder, Impact MagazineIt scared me sh*tless! Genuinely terrifying entertainment.


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