Shortlist for Ford Short Film Competition announced; winner to be announced this Saturday

Twelve Irish filmmakers have been shortlisted in a short film competition, run by Ford Ireland in partnership with the Titanic 100 Cobh 2012 Festival. The winner will be announced at a gala screening this Saturday June 9th in the beautiful Fota House, Cobh, Cork.

The twelve finalists – four from Cork, three from Dublin, and one each from Kildare, Meath, Waterford, Wexford and the USA – will have their films exclusively screened in the beautiful Fota House in Cobh on the evening of June 9th, and one lucky winner will receive the use of a Ford Fiesta, taxed and insured, for one year, a €2,000 fuel voucher and will have their film showcased on the Irish Film Board’s website.

Filmmakers responded to the competition in a fascinating variety of ways, with their 8 Minute films exploring issues around homelessness, parental separation, emigration, the importance of hope, journey, overcoming obstacles, and some on lighter topics too including lego blocks and the purchase of an ice-cream van.

The judging panel of film industry experts includes Fiona Shaw CBE, the internationally acclaimed actress and theatre director originally from Cork; Cork actress Jennifer Erin Lee who stars in the forthcoming Titanic series, Blood and Steel; producer of BAFTA-winning short film, Pitch Black Heist, Gerardine O’Flynn; Alan Fitzpatrick, managing Director of Filmbase; Executive Director of the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland Birch Hamilton; and Eddie Murphy, Chairman and Managing Director of Henry Ford and Son, Ireland.

Full details of the competition and the finalists are available on


My Dearest Aunt Emily
Writer: Peter Le Bas (Beverly Hills, CA) | Director: Peter Le Bas | DOP: Alexander Le Bas

Out of the Depths – A Titanic Requiem
A crewman suffers from survivor’s guilt.
Writer: Peadar Donohoe with poem by Adam Wyeth (Crosshaven, Co Cork) | Director: Peadar Donohoe
DOP: Moria O’Brien

Play On
A man recently diagnosed with a terminal illness encounters a musician.
Writer: Nathan O’Brolchain (Dublin 18)
Director: Nathan O’Brolchain | DOP: Michael Andreasson

Without a Face
A neo-industrial journey of one man’s desire to experience more fulfilling life.
Writer: Nathan Lacey (Wexford) | Director: Nathan Lacey | DOP: Tom O’Mahony

Uisce Beatha
The fallibility of man.
Writer: Tadhg Hickey (Cork City) | Director: Shaun O’ Connor | DOP: Shaun O’ Connor

A young girl is saddened by her surroundings, until she opens a box.
Writer: Kevin de la Isla O’Neill (Dublin 8) | Director: Kevin de la Isla O’Neill | DOP: Kevin de la Isla O’Neill

For a large number of emigrants leaving their homeland was not a matter of choice but one of necessity.
Writer: Chris Lodge (Donacarney, Co Meath) | Director: Chris Lodge | DOP: Chris Lodge

A young boy deals with the separation of his parents and the bullies at school.
Writer: Vincent Lambe (Dublin 6) | Director: Vincent Lambe | DOP: Andrew Edger

A Selfless Act
An old homeless man has a brief encounter with a wealthy young businessman.
Writers: Dan O’Connell & Frank Hurley (Hollyhill, Cork) | Director: Dan O’Connell
DOP: Jason Keane

Red Flag
In this dark comedy, two friends try to find the last safe place on earth in a post-apocalyptic world.
Writer: James Fitzgerald (Dunmore East, Waterford) | Director: James Fitzgerald | DOP: James Fitzgerald

The Secret to my Success
A bullied school janitor’s life changes when he buys an ice cream van.
Writers: Brian Folan / Peter McCoy (Maynooth, Co Kildare) | Director: Brian Folan
DOP: Niall O’Connor

Lego Brick Road
The story of one man’s battle of wills with the unlikeliest of foes.
Writer: Toby Lee Tyrrell (Cork City) | Director: Toby Lee Tyrrell | DOP: Toby Lee Tyrrell


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