‘Ninety Seconds’ in final stages of post-production

A cynical surveillance expert takes on an unusual assignment that will lead him into a downward spiral of paranoia and obsession.

In an unnamed city in the near future, surveillance experts use equipment as sophisticated as any intelligence agency and hire themselves out to well heeled and paranoid clients. They become known as “Techs”. Mark (Andrew Norry) is one of the best of his kind. He takes on what seems like an ordinary assignment for shady business man Mr. Philips (Michael Parle). His job is to follow and record every movement of a young dancer (Emma Eliza Regan). But soon both he and his new assistant – hacker Ralfi (Claire J. Blennerhassett), discover there is something strange about this assignment and they quickly find themselves in the middle of a mystery that may well bring about their downfall.


Fresh from the critical acclaim of his Stephen King adaptation The Boogeyman, Gerard Lough’s new film is both futuristic and highly topical. An exciting mix of striking visuals, provocative themes and strong performances.




Andrew Norry

Michael Parle

Claire J. Blennerhassett

Simon Fogarty

Emma Eliza Regan


Director / Writer  – Gerard Lough


Producers – Gerard Lough & Michael Parle

Music – Cian Furlong

Director of photography / Editor – Greg Rouladh

Visual Effects – Paul Barrett


Production Status – In final stages of post-production, likely to premiere this summer.


Country of origin – Ireland


Running Time – 30 mins (TBC)


Genre – Thriller / Science Fiction





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